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#7FavTVShows 1. Ross Kemp on drugs 2. QI 3. Racist cun- I mean top gear 4. SAS: who dares, wanks 5. Babestation 6. Brits got no talent 7.

RT @untiltheveryend: #7FavTVShows Animaniacs Arrow Big Bang Theory Friends Fringe Gilmore Girls So Weird

RT @LeachLyfe: House Arrested Development Rizzoli and Isles Archer Modern Family Bobs Burgers ER #7FavTVShows

#7FavTVShows Breaking Bad Lost Xfiles Lucky Louie ItsAlwaysSunny Mr Robot OrphanBlackMirror

1. Teen Titans 2. Gotham 3. Teen Titans Go 4. Batman The Animated Series 5. Shameless 6. Pokemon XY 7. Doctor Who #7FavTVShows

#7FavTVShows PrisonBreakS1 PrisonBreakS2 PrisonBreakS3 PrisonBreakS4 PrisonBreakS5 PrisonBreakS6 maybe! LOST

The latest The Game Of Thrones Fans Daily! https://t.co/oJNYbU6h9z Thanks to @gameofthronestv #gameofthrones #7favtvshows

RT @chrismelberger: six feet under black mirror breaking bad game of thrones rick & morty stranger things doctor who #7FavTVShows

#7FavTvShows suits marvels daredevil breaking bad the walking dead orange is the new black peaky blindrs

#7FavTVShows stranger things prison break teen wolf friday night lights blackish one tree hill the office

#7FavTvShows and soon will join them @HouseofCards

#7FavTVShows 1. The Walking Dead 2. Breaking Bad 3. Stranger Things 4. Seinfeld 5. Dexter 6. Big Bang Theory 7. X-Files

So I guess this is trending now #7FavTVShows Game of thrones Sherlock Sense 8 Cowboy Bebop Lost Breaking Bad Cosmos: A space time Odyssey

#7FavTVShows Daredevil, Orphan Black, Mr. Robot, Outlander, Jessica Jones, Gotham, The Flash