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RT @bitchprblmz: IM LIVING FOR THIS DRAMA https://t.co/TBIhuQlBU6

GUYS YOONGI DROP HIS MUSIC VIDEO. Miley stans are not worth it. There wasting our time #RIPMileyCyrus https://t.co/AtjokxZJsE

@Danielle_Uai Avisa qdo sair, pf.

RT @indelics: She talks about you like you put the stars in the sky.

@Danielle__138 #wow! #thankyou for following me! #proud #design #art

RT @MarilynMonroeDC: I have to sleep with a blanket no matter how hot it is

RT @autocorrects: Ive never related to Peter Griffin so much https://t.co/ihqCkYLw2Y

@PiliPardoM @cataacisterna Jajaja tampoco paso a la Castro pero el punto es que el chileno promedio crítica solo si la mina es rica o fea

RT @solokidziam: @DaniellePeazer @YouTube your shirt looks so cute Danielle, this video is one of my fav 💘

@Danielle_JKR -niega con la cabeza y suelta una leve risa antes de doblar en otra esquina-

RT @mourajubs: que saudade de arraial

👹 #Axolotl #Jack&Danielle #Aquarium #Animals #Aquariophilie #UnMoisQuilsSontChezNous… https://t.co/L6hhrFqwdd

Já se inscreveu? Corre lá e inscreva-se para receber o nosso conteúdo infantil exclusivo! :) https://t.co/J3SoAYgJYd

@solokidziam congrats! perrie has noticed me and danielle you ziam is real

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