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RT @MelloGavin: Creativity at its best.. #OberoiBestInTheWorld @OberoiGroup https://t.co/yIa0irDSZw

RT @SequeiraAuxilia: #OberoiBestInTheWorld@OberoiGroup https://t.co/t8gxR17t2y

RT @mohd_ridakhan: Beauty is in presentation which u nvr forget this is in Trident BKC & Oberoi Hotel #OberoiBestInTheWorld @TridentBKC https://t.co/aH7GBeKYkQ

RT @Nishita_Sonpal: Happiness is, rolled and ready to be served at Trident, Bandra Kurla! #OberoiBestInTheWorld. @OberoiGroup. https://t.co/7nQoZ0at82

RT @Nishita_Sonpal: Actions speak louder than words, but food is the loudest of all! #OberoiBestInTheWorld. @OberoiGroup. https://t.co/mzrwZUsEFE

RT @Chefbhasin: Moong dal wadi chaat!!! @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/b2AOpHGfxw

RT @Chefbhasin: Yes this is a cake.... celebration time @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/VQLvVxEiGW

RT @robinbatra123: Real local flavors..Vada Pao pakora ,Trident BKC Mumbai @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/QUtXDIZ2id

RT @Chefbhasin: We believe in creating memories @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/V5oLqyWzdg

RT @Chefbhasin: We believe in creating memories @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/4M1K3Kr1l8

RT @yashvi_vyas: Heaven on earth, The Oberoi Amarvilas #OberoiBestInTheWorld @OberoiGroup https://t.co/cTOKTRSvgp

RT @VarunChibber: Play of sunlight at Verandah-The Oberoi Grand. Perfect hideout for a good read.. @OberoiGroup #OberoiBestInTheWorld https://t.co/GfDjetgbsx

RT @mrugziee: "Positive attitude is contagious and we make ours worth catching" at TridentBKC #OberoiBestInTheWorld @OberoiGroup https://t.co/le6QPF72eF

RT @PrernaAcharya6: Even the bow on our cake has...the perfect knot #OberoiBestInTheWorld @OberoiGroup https://t.co/6G013gxjKw