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George P. Bush

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George P. Bush thinks his dad and the #NeverTrump-ers should stop being sore losers https://t.co/2jg3Pay3gW

RT @TPInsidr: Bush Just Made a MASSIVE Announcement About Donald Trump! BREAKING NEWS https://t.co/niNcaPCya9 #tcot #WakeUpAmerica

Jeb Bush’s son breaks with family, backs Donald Trump: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush delivers… https://t.co/OQ1e1yEYt9 | @NewsHour

Report: George P. Bush urges Republicans to back Trump @CNNPolitics https://t.co/fTm0g5dbOs

Sad when blind party-loyalty trumps integrity: @georgepbush, @realDonaldTrump Holdout, Urges Support https://t.co/Q73YkBr8eV @TexasTribune

So, George P. Bush is supporting Trump; family-first party my ass.

RT @NewDay: Jeb Bush is resolutely #NeverTrump but his son, George P. Bush, no longer is: https://t.co/6cmHmNsT3S @SchneiderCNN https://t.co/Pj9P4hIGo2

RT @lordxmen2k: Jeb Bush’s son George P. Bush tells Republicans to back Trump: Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who has... https://t.co/eZpkgrhA8W #LVN

George P. Bush urges Texas GOP leaders to support Trump https://t.co/ZaTm9Tnvkg

George P Bush lets a man insult his mum, then supports him. He, like Trump must not think highly of her nor Mexicans for that matter. SHAME!

RT @EverythingKath: https://t.co/074kDhhLK1 Finally one Bush that has decided to be the grown up in the room!

@NewDay @SchneiderCNN George P Bush huh P stands for pitiful

The Brief: George P. Bush Tells Texas GOP to Back Trump https://t.co/q6Aq0FJY4f via @TexasTribune

George P. Bush Asks Texas GOP to Support Trump – Something His Father… https://t.co/IhIOAHqy9r #TheGatewayPundit https://t.co/ulgmY5ama2