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@FoxNews @JBaker31826004 @newtgingrich - yep I mean hacks, Manafort took millions from the Russians and Trump changes Ukraine policy...

@Reuters @TheAngryindian there was a reason why Trump hired Manafort. If he wins, Manafort gonna be very active again. Temp out.

RT @RealAlexJones: "@RogerJStoneJr: Manafort Pushed Out By Hillary’s Leftist Propaganda Machine - https://t.co/K0LdAoBuNE #gop

RT @theblaze: Report: FBI, Justice Dept. investigating @PaulManafort as part of Ukraine probe https://t.co/AnJprdfub0 https://t.co/ToPUuur46g

RT @peaceisactive: Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Resigns As Ties To Russian Oligarchs Confirmed https://t.co/OlVKlbiN7W

@RealAlexJones I thought Manafort was an excellent move. Keep moving the needle Alex!

@RealAlexJones @RogerJStoneJr We also found out Manafort was involved in tear downs of Sandy Hook House and other ?able shootings.

Remarkable, I was not aware fraud even exists on the Cayman Islands #Manafort https://t.co/o62ygzPqh7

@KellyannePolls & @CNN=dumbest: even dictator farmer Manafort could not stick with/to @realDonaldTrump& now Tantonistas at helm @Univision

Eric Trump: "Whatever things" Paul Manafort was dealing with were a "distraction" https://t.co/WPsMPOCq9J https://t.co/F6iEEVYnwk

Is Donald Trump, indebted to the Russians? We need to see those raxes!!! https://t.co/iBNWVNFBuJ

RT @abc7newsbayarea: #Ukraine investigators release files on #DonaldTrump campaign chair #Manafort, which may be part of his resignation: https://t.co/iysYr2Mdkp

RT @meliannos: Allegations against Paul Manafort may be enough to earn him a new title: Traitor https://t.co/GF5irTopFa

Top Firms Lawyer Up In Ukraine–Manafort Lobbying Controversy https://t.co/ydNDFjAZur via @rosiegray @buzzfeednews