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R Kelly

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R. Kelly still a perv Thinking with your dick shows lack of intelligence

R Kelly is just a black Hugh Heffner with more head bandanas.

RT @BigHeadSports: R Kelly probably has a 19 year old girlfriend to babysit his other girlfriend.

do you guys forget that R.Kelly is a rapist and pedophile and made child pornography? 🤔

RT @BigHeadSports: R Kelly at the mall: "Hey girl...what grade urine?"

What. Inspired by R. Kelly. https://t.co/p8d1XwvdEZ

RT @DiddyTheBoy: R. Kelly dressed like a freshman during their first day of high school .. https://t.co/9lIIKKgV5O

RT @HotNewHipHop: .@rkelly is now dating a 19-year-old model https://t.co/t3GrthUI8E https://t.co/0cU967zDQa

"wow R. Kelly is disgusting for dating a 19 year old!" - a chick who tweets about wanting an old man to pay her bills and take her shopping

RT @__DeLay: R Kelly girlfriend 19 ok I get that but have you heard step in the name of love?

RT @_Njay3: R kelly dating a girl who was born after fresh prince ended.. Nah fam

RT @TinyTiniTine: Bow wow made Ima Flirt with R. Kelly & Kellz kicked him off and made a more cracking remix that everybody still listened to 😂

RT @film_girl: R. Kelly is trending for exactly the reason you would expect

leave R. Kelly alone