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@jayne_pea Konami is still a shithole if how they treat their employees is to be believed


@Benzaie_tgwtg Konami traite ses dèv console comme de la chiasse + "MGS" a rien à foutre sur la jacket -> boycott, point.

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/w6SNvfqlfg Konami Announces Metal Gear Survive - IGN News

Konami mostro el logo oficial del Brasileirao. Al parecer adquirió por completo dicha liga https://t.co/c6FJaGDHUe

So kind of konami to officially kill off Metal Gear right in front of all of us.

RT @Amigo_JEP: Konami after the Metal Gear Survive backlash https://t.co/hl9io1vP7y

RT @CanadasGod: Nintendo: We turned Metroid into Chibi Mech Soccer Konami: Bitch please, you underestimate us. We give EVEN LESS fucks then you!

RT @suikoden790: En algún momento konami pensó q a los fans nos podía gustar metal gear survive? Que drogas toman?

RT @C4Dbeginner: 英語コメント、非常にシンプルに「die konami」という身もフタもないものもあるんだけど、小島秀夫氏が会社を離れたことを惜しむ声が多く、評価の高さがわかるね。

RT @rabbidluigi: "Metal Gear Survive" is actually a beautiful analogy. Konami have revived a dead corpse and made it a soulless shell of what it once was.


Zombies in Metal Gear, how incredibly derivative and shallow. Way to go Konami

@Konami https://t.co/GrG5Tu7Bwf

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