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@DamnedMisfit @MTVScream There are far more important things, like 15 year-olds struggling with cancer. Love what you want to love.

SOMEONE GET THIS FOR ME 😭😭😭 @MTVScream https://t.co/C3ttj0A9vs

@rosemarierose @MTVScream what did I miss?

RT @PaoYat_14: *Spoiler 2x10 de #MTVScream* Esta parte me dejo helada 😱 fue una de las mejores escenas, la verdad si se veia venir https://t.co/d03SbSwzna

I just got a no caller id call and it gave me @MTVScream vibes 😉

@bellathorne @willafitz @MTVScream yes!!!! @MTV give us a season 3!!!!!! Thanks Bella for giving us that drop dead scene BTW

a crossover, how cool would it be!?? (credits to the maker, bless you!!) MTVScream #TeenWolf https://t.co/yvLdoV2RKg

same #MTVScream #ScreamFinale #ScreamSeason3 #elihudsondeservedbetter https://t.co/luPX2sZ14D

@rosemarierose @MTVScream are you serious?! People are worried about the dumbest things! Like you said, there are far more important things!

@willafitz I just want to say that you are so talented andstunningly gorgeous. I really love and enjoy @MTVScream and everyone else in it

@JWhitesides97 @MTVScream @seangrandillo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

RT @santiagoasegura: Another episode of #MTVScream in the chamber for TUESDAY 10/9c. https://t.co/ZVAr8PXJBw

RT @IBexWeBex: A rare smile from baby Audrey #MTVScream https://t.co/odJi8UNAd4

RT @rdj_victoria: Eli died protecting Emma!😭 #MTVScream https://t.co/jR9Mmip5fW

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