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RT @KiKyooSongsong: Yung Sapatos Talaga eh. #DOTSHeroes

RT @KiKyooSongsong: Manonood O Magtitweet? #DOTSHeroes

RT @BESniJoongKi: "Do not get hurt. If we do, we can’t save people who need to be rescued." - Captain Yoo Si Jin OHT: #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/1rBlViSqHJ

RT @alpano_ching: For the love of #SongSongCouple di ako magsasawang gawin to.haha Ladies and Gentlemen our OHT for today #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/OtxOF7aQek

RT @BESniJoongKi: Simple lang. Walang dialogue, walang background music.. Pero ang laki ng effect. The SongSong Magic. #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/kyGKWmTPT4

RT @queztinjoi: >>> and this, was the most humbling scene of all time. reunited again by fate #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/GMhun7HSHS

Mixed emotions on these episode 😍😱😭😤 @JoongKiPH #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/O52mRkD6fo

RT @jharces16: #DOTSHeroes 👉 Dr. Maxine kang And @CaptainLucasYoo

RT @wickedlasss: time of death: 3:40 pm 😥 #DOTSHeroes https://t.co/aPd4s2KjUJ

RT @Paowiccan: Kaya pala #DOTSHeroes ang hashtag. ❤️ the passion for this profession is real.

RT @einjhelraine: One of the highlights is the rescue operation after the earthquake im sooo moved in this episode #DOTSHeroes

#DOTSHeroes Ang sakit naman non! Kailangan mo pang mamili😥

#DOTSHeroes yung scene nung tinali ni lucas yung sapatos ni maxine☺ goshhhhh kinikilig akoooo☺☺☺😘💋💘 grabeeee oxygen pls? kinikilig ako😉

#DOTSHeroes Nandun din pala si Diego😍❤