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Ralph Lauren, Speedo Cut Ties With Ryan Lochte https://t.co/dvleSOCDhk

San Jose trends now: Todd Marinovich, Speedo, WomenWithDegrees, MyNormalIn5Words and HillarysEmails. https://t.co/TGVICwnb2t

RT @Telegraph: Ryan Lochte loses major sponsors, with Speedo and Ralph Lauren among those to dump the disgraced swimmer https://t.co/4Iz2SAkbRk

RT @LeDevoir: Le nageur Ryan Lochte lâché par ses commanditaires https://t.co/9NkSmFzhl4

RT @Lingualina: 【続報】Speedoやラルフ・ローレンを含む4社がライアン・ロクでなしのスポンサーから降りたとな。 https://t.co/s1mDbFDUF2

@DagnyRed stop being so racist!🍼u r maligning all the wonderful people of Brazil! #lochte #Rio2016 speedo

Speedo y Ralph Lauren abandonan a Ryan Lochte tras su falso atraco en Río https://t.co/ZoeKfO4Dmf

RT @MussumAlive: Só hoje o Ryan Lochte já perdeu 4 patrocínios: - Speedo - Ralph Lauren - Gentle - Hair Removal - Airweave

RT @esquire: Speedo Is All About Supporting Dicks, But It Has Its Limit: https://t.co/PAtMZ9ZouT https://t.co/8sknywYP4X

RT @Y2Dre: Admirable on the part of speedo. https://t.co/i7bNarYsdU

https://t.co/V0owMKoA8i Ryan Lochte pierde patrocinadores tras su escándalo en Río 2016 https://t.co/ogvmCudd9S

Four companies end Ryan Lochte endorsement deals – VIDEO: Apology not accepted? Speedo USA ends sponsorship of… https://t.co/SAvT8Ic3Gg

All actions have their own consequence. Young American, learn from Lochte. Think before you say, tweet anything. #speedo #lochte

RT @EW: Right after Speedo parted ways with Ryan Lochte, Ralph Lauren cuts ties with him, too: https://t.co/KWcOVmHbmQ https://t.co/vnANRdTE8Q

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