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Good news for LeBron: The Rockets look much more beatable with Melo and without Ariza and Luc. Bad news for LeBron: The Pelicans look better than the Lakers.

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Frankie Jay ()

If LeBron takes this Laker team to the #NBA debate is definitely over. 🐐 This is coming from a Kobe & Dirk fan..

It’s Tre 💯 ()

@Eunique_ny Lebron was trying to trade that mf 😂 them buddies he wearing not gone cut it.

Ken Jones ()

Lakers only scored once since LeBron sat down 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.

🇭🇹Your Favorite Zoe🇭🇹 ()

Oh, nah I was just showing you how ready they are for Lebron’s debut tonight.😫😩.

Roddrick Jr. ()

@iTJD I know. I was referring to lebron. I would’ve said Kobe if I was talking about Kobe. But all good bro, sorry to get you confused..

Tommy Beer ()

... remember when “LeBron isn’t clutch” was a thing?? LeBron has hit more game-winning buzzer-beaters in the playoffs than any player in history. LeBron also has the NBA’s highest career scoring average in Game 7’s ( points per game) and elimination games ( ppg)....

D. ()

I just can’t focus on the nba until baseball ends. I’ll check out Lebron for a few minutes tonight though..

Gabriel ()

Na moral a ESPN não passar o primeiro jogo do LeBron na temporada é pra me FODER mesmo.

Alex Flores ()

@CirocPapiSzn That makes sense then. Kobe my guy so I like Lebron a bit more now that he a laker. Sounds shady but 🤷🏽‍♂️.

J 🕍 l ()

I hope LeBron puts up a triple double tonight but the Lakers still lose. (This tweet applies to every Laker game for the rest of the season).

Adiddy ()

He is no longer physically with us. Taken way too soon by sickness. My point? He can’t vote, so that’s why I do. #VoteBlue2018.

Shecky Shabazz ()

I’m starting to feel the same way about this nigga lebron.

Eddie Simon ()

When u 20+ points ahead of benchmark on #fanduel and still have LEBRON + RAJON 😊.

🏀N-jay 🇨🇦 ()

You like the 50th person to say this as if those laker teams weren’t completely different, last time I checked they have Lebron now.

Fat. ()

@OeauxMar @LosoRozay Lmfao we were desperate bruh. He still Lebron. We had to give him that.

Kevin Garcia ()

LeBron dead ass looks the same, he just grew out a beard.

Amour ()

I just told my sister we need to get Laker tickets now that I’m officially a Lebron fan and have excepted that he’s on my team. 🌝🌚.

Patty B ()

@bfroe14 @FroetscherJames Also Kevin Durant had Westbrook and Harden and lost in the finals (to LeBron) but you think he’d win last year with George Hill and JR Smith?.

Chuck Murray ()

@rivalsmike Lebron and Kobe never went to college. What does that make them? Bryce Harper only went one year. Is he a quitter? Etc. etc. Bill Gates left when college had prepared him for what he wanted to do. Is he a quitter?.

Erick Acevedo 🇬🇹⚽️ ()

@fruiz23 @Lakers Espero que lo estés contento porque Lebron esté con los.

Lord Petrus Steele ()

@Kevin_Kinkead its embarrassing. just shoot. jordan, lebron, kobe, larry all missed shots before believe it or not. even wide open shots..

JSports22 ()

Hahahahahaha. There is only one player that I would take over Kawhi and his name is Lebron..

Taylor Lee ()

I think it says a lot about who LeBron is as a competitor that he decided to leave the East and join the gauntlet of the Western conference. Always a leader, never a follower. Definition of a game-changer 👑🐐.

Skip Bayless ()

Good news for LeBron: The Rockets look much more beatable with Melo and without Ariza and Luc. Bad news for LeBron: The Pelicans look better than the Lakers..

Low ()

Pusha wasn’t talking about the beef anymore until the Drake/Lebron interview..

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