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eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE is available to play today 🎮 Get to grips with the fully updated @OfficialPES squad in the #MUFC edition 👇 Playstation: Xbox: Steam:

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Suede says RACISM IS BAD
Suede says RACISM IS BAD ()

Punks represented: Steam, Diesel, Magi, Chrome (chromepunk or filigreepunk is what I call 8, 13 and 15) Just waiting on elementpunk! Come on, Avatar style FF!

Kagura Games
Kagura Games ()

Emiliana is a kindhearted nun in the service of the Church of Zetrics. Saint Emiliana by WhiteMoor (@whitemoor_d) is now available with a 15% off discount on Steam!

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やすゆき ()

最近のゲームはSteamでなんでもできる印象だけど、PS5でしかプレイできないっていうゲームあるのかな。 とは言いつつ予約出来たら買おうかな~

ぺらい丸 ()


めいりん@オンラインたほいや ()


legally obligated to call myself cutie
Legally obligated to call myself cutie ()

@RoseWolf08 all of halo except 5 got a steam release, as well as the gears of war games Switch does something pcs can’t do, namely extremely portable gaming Xbox you have to download the games, still fuck around with the discs, you can have like 12 games on it, it’s so fucking dumb

💒 ()

agdghhhhhhhh marriage is so (puts my head in my hands as a puff of anime bush steam poofs from my head)

Rafael ()

@pedceza Eu mesmo de console tenho um 360 e so jogo leve e que rode num linux (apesar que o emulador da steam é excelente pra jogo de windows)

しばっち@パッド勢【緣】 ()

@dekasugi114514 シーズン1の段位が上がりにくい時の玄武で今はsteamばっかりみたいでPS4はクイマ、プレマ用らしいですw

オダマメコ✴︎ ()

サイブレでたときPS3のロードながくて結局PS4買った、みたいな事がない限りPS5買うことないかな。 最近はだいたいSteamでも出してくれるからそっちで事足りてるし

Ahri ()

@BlackpiIIed i got used to never paying over 30 dollars for steam games now over fucking 100 MANNN

Hana10 ()


Masuta Paburu-sama
Masuta Paburu-sama ()

@nowatsuki acabou de me enviar BAD RATS na Steam Melhor dia da minha vida

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⎚🅳🅾️🆇🅴🆁⎚ ()

@GatoCheshire3 @Mecastix Me representa, tengo todos los juegos que regalan casi siempre en Steam pero entro en Epic para bajarlos gratis, aun no he jugado a ninguno de los 20 por ahi q tendre en Epic

アンナマリー ()

@tetuwolove_img steamだけでたくさん積んでるんですけど…いいんスかこれ


@Jakey2002 oh i saw something about bulgaria when i checked bulgair on my steam library

Eren ()

Arkadaşlar yaklaşık 3 yıldır cebabını asla bilmediğim bi soru Allah rızası için söyleyin san andreas steam versiyonuna nası grafik modu yüklicem

it comes from china
It comes from china ()

Van a sacar las compras en pesos de Steam de papa no me entraba una depresión así desde que perdimos el campeonato con un gol de Pablo Pérez

Kai / BLM // in FFXIV MSQ Hell
Kai / BLM // in FFXIV MSQ Hell ()

BTW what console exclusive, also on pc means is that itll probably release on steam, but will be exclusive to playstation because the xboxi s a console

Trixxxxxx1 ()

@uniper_energy Big oil is trying to get with hydrogen the foot in the door of the new energy market since renewable electricity will never suffice for h2 steam reforming of natural gas is required💰However mass production of batteries is the way⚡️

Toto #StayWyger
Toto #StayWyger ()

Gente no suelo hacer publicaciones de esta manera porque odio la realidad en la que vivimos y siempre trato de evadirla lo más que pueda, pero acá me sigue toda gente que juega juegitos. Compren todo lo que quieran en steam ahora antes de que sea

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If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic I would be in a tattoo shop to blow off some steam. That’s how I ended up with most of my people work out, paint, or do whatever. I take my ass to a tattoo shop 😂.

NS ()

A arcana da wind esta lagando seu Dota? Só remover, va até a pasta: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommondota 2 betagamedotamaps Entre na pasta backgrounds e remova os arquivos com windranger/wind no nome, depois na pasta prefabs e faça a mesma coisa. 👍

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L4p!nE ()

@Steam 40$ is too much for us living in algeria, i hope that we will be included in the regional price option

Lu16TV ()

#Fuckmylife . Erst konnte ich mich nichtmehr bei Steam und co anmelden jetzt komm ich netmehr auf mein Oc

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Mmo ()

@RLDailyShop @Athena wait so my steam account and all the shit in it won’t merge with my ps4 account and all the shit in that?

soy yo literal
Soy yo literal ()

En 20 años mi hijo dirá pa me voy a pagar un juego de steam en Rapipago y me voy a largar a llorar.

Cheap Ass Gamer
Cheap Ass Gamer ()

(PCDD) Holdfast: Nations At War $ via Steam.

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Kitta in Sotenbori💫
Kitta in Sotenbori💫 ()

🐉YAKUZA KIWAMI GIVEAWAY🐉 This is a 💫STEAM💫code How to enter: 💫MUST follow this account 💫MUST tag someone in the comment 💫MUST like & retweet this post Winner receives: 💫Yakuza Kiwami Steam code💫 💫Endless time with Goro Majima👀 🐉Ends Sept 30th, 2020🐉 Good luck💫

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Manchester United
Manchester United ()

eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE is available to play today 🎮 Get to grips with the fully updated @OfficialPES squad in the #MUFC edition 👇 Playstation: Xbox: Steam:

☚ #GoR7 Chocobar ☛
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