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THAT. Is an ideal start. Nic --> Boots --> TK --> JK 🦅 6 🐱 0 #AFLEaglesCats

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Bonnie Lillico
Bonnie Lillico ()

Such a good game last night🙏😎 Just wish Geelong got over the line #AFLEaglesCats

Jayde Little
Jayde Little ()

Perfect night of footy @OptusStadium yesterday with a gutsy win from @WestCoastEagles 👏🏽🙌🏽💙💛 #AFLEaglesCats #Perth

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Richard Little
Richard Little ()

In a rare (for 2020) comeback @WestCoastEagles got over the top of @GeelongCats. Post match analysis #AFLEaglesCats

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Mick O’Brien
Mick O’Brien ()

Watching some of Nic Nats tap outs last night, the bloke is an artist in the Absolute silver service #AFLEaglesCats

Corbin Middlemas
Corbin Middlemas ()

Nic Naitanui played 72% game time tonight, his highest percentage in a match since r21, & best afield #AFLEaglesCats @abcgrandstand

Callum Chambers
Callum Chambers ()

I didn’t have to pay to be at that game of footy tonight but I bloody well should have. I feel like I’ve cheated the system! What a game, best of season 2020 so far! Bravo @WestCoastEagles and @GeelongCats #AFLEaglesCats

Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy ()

26000 sounding like 100,000. Tell me again why the GF should be played in QLD. #AFLEaglesCats

Punt Road
Punt Road ()

Josh Kennedy never fails to impress. Back in the day when the Eagles were loathsome he stood tall. When they were rising he lifted. When they won, he was imperious. Best tonight, for me, when it really counted, he stood up. Gun. #AFLEaglesCats

Geelong Cats blog
Geelong Cats blog ()

Harry Edwards was knocked out in the second quarter and still had as many touches as Gary Rohan. Make of that what you will #AFLEaglesCats

Geelong Cats
Geelong Cats ()

Stewie fought until the final bell 🔔 #AFLEaglesCats @KrockFootball

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Dean Bilton
Dean Bilton ()

Cracking game, one of the few times this year the footy has actually felt like the footy. Sidenote: Nic Naitanui might be putting together the best season of his career and, given he’s toweled Gawn/Grundy up individually already, should be in AA conversation #AFLEaglesCats

ray chamberlain anti
Ray chamberlain anti ()

tonight was a reminder that elliot yeo is fucking elite (in case anyone forgot) #AFLEaglesCats

Isabella 😺
Isabella 😺 ()

Please hang on boys. We’ve played so well tonight 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 #AFLEaglesCats

Nathan ()

Yeah they boo alot but footy with a crowd is so much better. This game has been a cracker. #AFLEaglesCats

The Lucid Pelican
The Lucid Pelican ()

Damn you umpires. Damn you for making me feel sorry for the Eagles. #afleaglescats #trolledbytheumps

Peter Munt
Peter Munt ()

I wonder if Chris Scott has realised that @NicNat is going to win every hit out in the middle yet? Because his midfielders sure as hell don’t #AFLEaglesCats #AFL

AFL ()

We have a spicy finish on our hands here in Perth! Who will come out on top? #AFLEaglesCats

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Philed Inn
Philed Inn ()

Collingwood dominate the Cats. West Coast make Collingwood look silly. Now the Cats doing a number on West Coast. AFL anyone have any idea what’s going on? #AFLEaglesCats

West Coast Eagles
West Coast Eagles ()

THAT. Is an ideal start. Nic --> Boots --> TK --> JK 🦅 6 🐱 0 #AFLEaglesCats

Buzz ()

Saints cashed👍 I love West Coast here, first bounce in 5 mins #AFLEaglesCats

🐐 Toby Greene
🐐 Toby Greene ()

West Coast have not only the worst song in the #AFL but probably the worst song I’ve ever heard. Absolutely abysmal stuff really, I guess it suits such a shocking club #AFLEaglesCats

Oz 👑
Oz 👑 ()

I knew this day was coming but nothing could prepare me for it 😢 #AFLEaglesCats

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steff ⭐️
Steff ⭐️ ()

“They’re playing U2” - mum not realising that it is actually the new WCE theme #AFLEaglesCats

Sportsbet.com.au ()

Pitching your same game multi to the group chat #AFLEaglesCats #AFL

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7AFL ()

Tim Kelly faces Geelong for the very first time tonight 👀 #AFLEaglesCats

Ben Cameron
Ben Cameron ()

Two top-four aspirants meet as the Eagles host the Cats. West Coast trying to become the first team to string five wins together in 2020, Geelong have won the past couple of clashes. @abcgrandstand #AFLEaglesCats

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7AFL ()

😼 SATURDAY NIGHT BLOCKBUSTER 🦅 Watch #AFLEaglesCats from 7pm AEST on @Channel7

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Yvonne 🌈
Yvonne 🌈 ()

I feel like I’m like a lamb going to slaughter. Walking into a party full of Eagles supporters tonight. Wish me luck! #AFLEaglesCats

The Trend Bettor
The Trend Bettor ()

1u - Swans + 1u - Cats + Both @ $ (Beteasy) #AFLSaintsSwans #AFLEaglesCats

MB #44
MB #44 ()

Morning everyone! In a season of uncertainty and upsets - why couldn’t @GeelongCats pull off a miracle win tonight against the Eagles? Live in hope not fear. #AFLEaglesCats

☚ Kennedy Glenn ☛
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