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Surely South Africa, you have to find a way to play @ABdeVilliers17 in the #T20WorldCup. Surely.

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Chuck DeBroder-Certified Meteorologist
Chuck DeBroder-Certified Meteorologist ()

Study Finds Reduced African Grassland Fires Contribute to Short-lived Air Quality Improvements 🖋📸NASA NASA researchers have found a small but unexpected decrease in air pollution over some parts of Africa despite growing use of Read more at

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Dagmar Dehmer
Dagmar Dehmer ()

A New York-based journalist has become the face of shrinking press freedom in Nigeria via @qzafrica

Blog do Noblat
Blog do Noblat ()

Espanha prorroga restrições a voos do Brasil e África do Sul até 11 de maio (uol)

G1 ()

Caçador ilegal morre pisoteado por elefantes em parque da África do Sul #G1

Harsha Bhogle
Harsha Bhogle ()

Surely South Africa, you have to find a way to play @ABdeVilliers17 in the #T20WorldCup. Surely.

Toni Cantó
Toni Cantó ()

La Junta de Andalucía pagó 25,72 millones de euros a la aseguradora Apra Leven. Empresa participada por un exbanquero investigado en el caso ERE y fugado a África. No existe ningún documento ni partida que justifique el pago realizado en la etapa del PSOE. Socialismo /❤️

Aastha Chaturvedi.
Aastha Chaturvedi. ()

@STUIsoMed African Americans aside, don’t get me started on how these peeps treat Indians in Africa. Uganda even carried out an ethnic cleansing of Indian business communities in the 70s. Instead of trying to highlight what they had faced there, Endians were busy simping for that gunda GF.

Nicolás Maduro
Nicolás Maduro ()

Nuestra Revolución se fundamenta en 500 años de historia, resistencia y rebeldía de nuestros pueblos indígenas, en la lucha por la libertad de nuestros hermanos de la Madre África, y en el proyecto de futuro de nuestro Libertador Simón Bolívar. ¡Somos de Verdad!

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Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

“Hope you & your people will die like George” Go back to Africa Get hanged Racist messages were sent to black students at White Bear Lake High School (@isd624) in Minn., prompting a mass #BLM protest & FBI investigation. It was a hoax. #HateHoax

Reuters Africa
Reuters Africa ()

The coronavirus variant discovered in South Africa can “break through” Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine to some extent, a real-world data study in Israel found, though its prevalence in the country is low and the research has not been peer reviewed.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)
Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) ()

1/2: GCF’s Twiga Tracker Initiative is designed to develop deeper understandings of giraffe movements throughout Africa. Working with a growing network of research partners we are gaining fascinating scientific insights that have already led to the publication of over 10 peer-

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Gwen Clark
Gwen Clark ()

@healthgovau Amazingly I have been jabbed. Astra Zeneca. We’ll see if I’m still alive in a few there’s no protection for the South Africa strain with AZ vaccine but something is better than nothing. I


Ushai pewa hug na Dem akakuhold tight ukafikiria kumwambia Africa ni yako. Mimi sijawai 😌😌

Aquariana🌵 ()

@selina_lss @cyphenty Esse penteado é usado a séculos e por muitas culturas, independente de ter forte símbolo de cultura e religião na África e nem por isso deixou de ser usado em demais grupos culturais e nem vai deixar de ser

Onika s baby❤️🦄
Onika s baby❤️🦄 ()

I hate how some movies be like “their children in Africa starving” y’all have not been to Africa to say that and y’all are forgetting that you also hungry people here in the street who are hungry stop trying put out false narratives as if Africa is poor

Someone, Somewhere
Someone, Somewhere ()

South Africa and Brazil producing resistant variants, interesting bc of higher than average rates of HIV (retrovirus). And unlikely but theoretically possible that HIV+ person has presence of reverse transcriptase + integrase, could pull RNA (or mRNA?) into nucleus of cell

Inter Press Service
Inter Press Service ()

Africa’s young women & men are a huge asset to the continent & have the ability to create circular food markets & systems that will respond to the current crisis. The creation of a space for growth & an enabling environment is crucial to this growth

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Nation Africa
Nation Africa ()

China mulls mixing vaccines to improve efficacy of jabs

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DJ Maphorisa Cons John Vuli Gate Hitmaker Of R5000 #maphorisa #SouthAfrica| South Africa Rich And Famous

Cristian Guardado
Cristian Guardado ()

@MundoMaldini Leer los comentarios insultando a Julio da asco, que en @LaResistencia digan que España es más África que Europa es más real que los resultados de fútbol amañados

Aquariana🌵 ()

@selina_lss @cyphenty Se tornou uma cultura forte e símbolo da África? Sim Mas em todo mundo tem algo que é cultura e símbolo pra um grupo e nem por isso é impedido de ser usado pelos e nunca será, isso impossível nem faz sentido

Peter wanjohi, PhD.
Peter wanjohi, PhD. ()

@Africa_Archives @waluwande And that is nice. In Kenya, we have noted that what the school system has been teaching were lies from the colonialist and his black accomplices. Most African states never got indipedence, only limited freedom.

Billy Ray Valantine
Billy Ray Valantine ()

@matifer @vicky_batok Desde Africa con mi playadito .la mejor yerba para el mate amargo.

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Mr. Abel Dobetter Pleasesmile
Mr. Abel Dobetter Pleasesmile ()

@SamHarrisOrg Exactly, Sam! Everyone is often selective with when and where they choose to apply a convenient vacuum or a convenient pseudo-context. Case in point:

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🅰️ 🙏Morning, just * ♡ * cool, fresh air A cool, overcast Birdies * * ♡ my #lazyday chronicles♡ @ South Africa

Nation Africa
Nation Africa ()

Over 4,000 workers face the axe as Coast hotels close

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❤Oratile❤ ()

Hearts are bleeding, Lord, souls are crushed and minds are puzzled. It hurts more to see many tears spread through the TL. Heal South Africa, Lord🥺💔🙏 #RIPDrSindiVanZyl

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Workie A Gebrewahid❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛
Workie A Gebrewahid❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛 ()

Tigrayans are hungry today bc starvation is relentlessly & systematically being used as a weapon of war. Minorities like the Irob & Kunama are particularly at higher risk of starvation. #KunamaStarvation #IrobMassacre @EUCouncil @jakejsullivan

Joy-Ann Pro-Democracy & Masks Reid 😷
Joy-Ann Pro-Democracy & Masks Reid 😷 ()

I for one am glad it’s out in the open. The Republican Party is 90% white and has been toying for a long time with becoming America’s new white interests party, like the old Dixiecrats & the National Party in apartheid South Africa. That’s where we’re headed. We need to face it.

BET Africa
BET Africa ()

BET International is proud to announce @YAWTOG_  as our April “BET Amplified International” Artist of The Month! BET Amplified is our seal of approval on the next big thing in music! #BETAmplifiedInternational #YawTog

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☚ Big Daddy Barbara ☛
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