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Poor old #AnalJones just a boring silly old low rating right wing nut job loony over bloated Morrison loving kunty twerp .. Anyone missing him? #auspol

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Brad Heilbronn
Brad Heilbronn ()

@TooheyMatthew I Normally agree with everything you say, but as I gay man, I’m not offended, nor it seems are others. It’s a clear reference to him being an arse, and nothing more. And they’re right about that #AnalJones ! We have to stop being so precious

💧nick168 ()

@SkyNewsAust The toileteers at @SkyNewsAust held a Calcutta to see which stool attacks which Labor premier. #AnalJones got Annastasia & Qld #AndrewBolt got Dan and Victoria. Still waiting to see who comes next, but so far the commentary from these 2 is the normal predictable crap!

Narelle Basham
Narelle Basham ()

A reminder, that #analjones recently reported that labor members were thinking of removing Andrews #libspill

Toastman ()

@DarinAllan Because he is #AnalJones he has many politicians in his hip pocket and possible he ventures beyond their hip pockets🤔

Carrie80 ()

Well I guess we know why he’s such a fan of pedo Pell now 🤷‍♀️ #analjones

Billy Swagspeare 2020
Billy Swagspeare 2020 ()

Hmm? Oh nothing, just the Australian Left talking about an openly gay man whose politics they happen to dislike. #AnalJones

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Nick Cahill
Nick Cahill ()

The rules of twitter state when you see #AnalJones trending early in the morning you just click on it & pray its a fun ride 😂

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Girt by Sea 😷
Girt by Sea 😷 ()

@NathanWVR @ellymelly Jones is an arsehole. Nothing to do with his toiletry habits. #AnalJones is an outrage to public decency.

Grape Juice (AUSTRALIA IS BEING RAPED) Joined 2017
Grape Juice (AUSTRALIA IS BEING RAPED) Joined 2017 ()

@LeftyLongtitude @DanielAndrewsMP #analjones is out of puff. Landed into #Murdoch gutters

Insouciant Samuel - I ❤️ an unburnt country 🌏
Insouciant Samuel - I ❤️ an unburnt country 🌏 ()

@juanfarkall @SweatyJester .And that’s it - why should a Wallabies coach be above reproach m8? #AnalJones is his name now. What was his graceful was his repeated defamatory allegations against the Wagner family relating to 2011 flood deaths at Grantham.

Politic@l Spinner.
[email protected] Spinner. ()

Poor old #AnalJones just a boring silly old low rating right wing nut job loony over bloated Morrison loving kunty twerp .. Anyone missing him? #auspol

Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith ()

So #AnalJones is a toady & alt-right fetid cesspit of the first water. Deserves everything in critique that he gets. Has for years been monetising racial hatred & been criminally convicted for it. Get him off the air please.

The Former Scott Morrison
The Former Scott Morrison ()

@TimeMyth How is #AnalJones homophobic? Do only homosexuals have anuses? Do the words anus or anal only imply sexual activity or could they have other meanings? Could the term anal just be a silly, childish joke rather than a statement of bigotry?

Bella 🍭⁷∕₂₇
Bella 🍭⁷∕₂₇ ()

he is stupid. im gay and idc whether hes gay or not but when i first saw this hashtag BEFORE i knew who it was about; i didnt see it as homophobic at all but saw it as a mock on whoever is the op, which theyre name is actually alan jones . open the country ?! smh 🤦‍♀️ #AnalJones

Premature Padoru Mugi
Premature Padoru Mugi ()

Oh, yeah. Victoria. How does that #Danal feel? Your state got violently fucked by a wingnut lol. #AnalJones

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💧 Dougie
💧 Dougie ()

Ohhh you have to love Twitter with #AnalJones Alan Jones & #AnusTaylor Angus Taylor Trending lol

🅺🆃 🦩🦚
🅺🆃 🦩🦚 ()

What is the opinion of the #couchpeloton to be being out-hashtagged by #AnalJones ? 😹😹 I don’t mind at all!! 👍🏻

Lyssa Cozbi-Leigh
Lyssa Cozbi-Leigh ()

Alan Jones has an anus where his mouth should be. And an anus where his anus should be. He is like the other half of catdog. #Analjones #Analytics

Hola Davi
Hola Davi ()

@DarinAllan Angus Taylor must feel like he narrowly dodged a loving embrace #AnalJones

Bato ()

@clairegcoleman It is horribly immature to be tweeting #AnalJones and I for one will not be stooping so low.

Campbell Manderson
Campbell Manderson ()

@Bunny45564943 @clairegcoleman I think #Analjones is a stalker of London public toilets.

GO1984 ()

#AnalJones I feel liberated and he hasn’t been up mine. Let’s tweet again #AnalJones

Narelle Basham
Narelle Basham ()

Seeing #analjones trend has made my day @SkyNews is the worst

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RobO1982 🌐 🇦🇺
RobO1982 🌐 🇦🇺 ()

@cosmicjester #AnalJones is more about him being a walking asshole Afaic and nothing to do with his sexuality

JamusB ()

@AnthonyCole68 ... #AnalJones makes his signature dish - Cottaging Pie - as featured in ...

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atefooterz ‏
Atefooterz ‏ ()

A very constipated day of #TwitterTrends however a glug of prune juice and entering the #analJones along with the towering probe aka suppository of wisdom & voila!!! Sorted 🥳

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Jeremy Britton
Jeremy Britton ()

@TooheyMatthew Who says its homophobic? Plenty of straight people participate in #analjones. Perhaps you need to open your mind, if not your #analjones

cancel them all
Cancel them all ()

#AnalJones please just quietly disappear, you have been polluting our media landscape for too long and the sound of your voice makes me nauseous.

Matthew Toohey
Matthew Toohey ()

Umm, #AnalJones? Really? Are we going for the obvious-but-homophobic attack on Alan Jones now? #sad

Little Mo
Little Mo ()

I really hope this #AnalJones is correct. It might give us all a break from his arseholery

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