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Victoria has both the most non-compliance with quarantine measures, *and* the most COVID-contrarian pundits: Andrew Bolt, Tim Smith, Sam Newman etc. Surely not a coincidence.

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Apatheist ()

@isobelroe I assume you are equally critical of Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean, Miranda Divine, Alan Jones, etc. with national platforms and zero expertise.

tom flynn #elimination
Tom flynn #elimination ()

Disgraceful as usual from Andrew Bolt. Just the kind of misinformation we have come to expect from Andrew Bolt.

DEMAND action to curb climate change 🦐🦀
DEMAND action to curb climate change 🦐🦀 ()

I think the solution is we inject Bolt, Creighton & Jones with a healthy dose of #COVID19 & see how long they maintain this argument as they get put onto a ventilator. And if they die it will all be for the economy. And humanity, decency and empathy.

Jacqueline M 🐨 🐾
Jacqueline M 🐨 🐾 ()

“The president of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia, Alex Wake, said Bolt and Jones were fuelling the “misinformation pandemic”.”

Mr_Moriendi ()

#NewsCorp posts a $ loss - driven by sharp declines in newspaper revenue. Andrew Bolt/Herald Sun think our grandparents in aged care should just die and not impact the economy. Correlation here?

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💧Bronwyn Hill/Clark
💧Bronwyn Hill/Clark ()

It’s interesting to me how Andrew Bolt sees euthanasia as a slippery slope to indiscriminately killing old people yet actively champions killing them indiscriminately with COVID-19. My dog has better morals than makes way more sense. #auspol

Melbourne Says
Melbourne Says ()

No Murdoch = No News Corp No News Corp = No Liberal Party No Liberal Party = No Corruption No Corruption = Win for all No News Corp = No Andrew Bolt No Andrew Bolt = No Pell. It goes on and on and on.

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke ()

Victoria has both the most non-compliance with quarantine measures, *and* the most COVID-contrarian pundits: Andrew Bolt, Tim Smith, Sam Newman etc. Surely not a coincidence.

Climate Realists
Climate Realists ()

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says what is unfolding in Victoria is a major scandal and represents catastrophic failures from the government in dealing with the virus | Sky News Australia

Climate Realists
Climate Realists ()

Andrew Bolt says big social media companies did something “sinister and dangerous”, blinded by their hatred for Donald Trump, when they banned a video which showed doctors touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. | Sky News Australia

𝙲𝚊𝚋𝚊𝚕 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚘𝚗
𝙲𝚊𝚋𝚊𝚕 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚘𝚗 ()

Straight out of the gate this guys been nothing but a grifter claiming to be a journalist, working side by side with openly facist groups. His record is trash and he only survives on the bones right wing blowhards like Andrew Bolt throw him every now and then. #UnverifyAndyNgo

💧Dr Richard Sallie MD PhD FRACP
💧Dr Richard Sallie MD PhD FRACP ()

Who really cares what Tim Smith, Tim Wilson, or Andrew Bolt have to cay about anything, let alone the COVID pandemic? #QANDA

Jackie Klees - Anti-fascist. Anti LNP🔥🐨🐨🐨🎀
Jackie Klees - Anti-fascist. Anti LNP🔥🐨🐨🐨🎀 ()

@theheraldsun Andrew Bolt needs to be silenced @Bolt_RSS , unfortunately it is too late for him to be neutered, it has a son

Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts ()

@BelindaJones68 @MortyAUS Bee accuses Andrew Bolt of what she is doing. Marx would be proud.

julie bird
Julie bird ()

@theheraldsun I can’t read the Herald cis why would I subscribe to this trash, but I’ll bet Andrew Bolt offers no solutions. Please stop publishing his garbage, it’s so unhelpful.

Allan Green
Allan Green ()

@slpng_giants_oz Could he be a any more ghoulish??? Just Shameful Andrew Bolt sounds like Boris Johnson just BEFORE he cought Covid19 and nearly died

🚢💧⏳Richard Gibson
🚢💧⏳Richard Gibson ()

Very serious #thedrum tonight. Remember that Melbourne is in this situation, level 4 shut-down, because the opposition, including from but not limited toTim Smith and Tim Wilson and Andrew Bolt and Adam Creighton, very effectively sabotaged level 3 shutdown. @LaTrioli

George Kaplan
George Kaplan ()

@marquelawyers Andrew Bolt is 60. His parents must be in their 80s or 90s if they are still alive. You must wonder what they think, or would think, of the nasty piece of work their little boy has grown into.

Hugh ()

@theheraldsun @GrumpyOLSoldier Renowned Epidemiologist Professor Andrew Bolt postulates a path to elimination of COVID 19. Hooray! BTW could not access the article. Decided not to pay. Sad.

Old Skool Fool
Old Skool Fool ()

Rita is a shocker. Her confected outrage and convoluted, contorted arguments and drawing of long bows remind me of a female version of Andrew Bolt.

Johnny Worthington
Johnny Worthington ()

Hey, remember that one time when Andrew Bolt said that really insightful thing that helped? Yeah, me neither.

Jbou ()

Alright, who pulled Andrew Bolt out of the bin for him to be trending again? Who was it?

John Murray 🎀
John Murray 🎀 ()

#OMG Is Andrew Bolt actually running the Lebensunwertes Leben useless feeders / human ballast argument in relation to our fellow citizens in aged care?

Melanie Virtue
Melanie Virtue ()

What colour star should people in aged care wear Andrew Bolt? #IStandWithDan #AgedCareResidentsArePeopleToo

cosmic jester
Cosmic jester ()

Andrew Bolt arguing that the oldies who are dying from COVID were close to death anyway makes me think he has severely misjudged te average age of his viewer demographic.

Christopher J
Christopher J ()

Andrew Bolt being foolish again. GM is providing greater crop yields. The World is seeing more storms and there should be bigger rain and snow events with more evaporation from a warmer ocean. No hunting, more polar bears. Atolls are not growing that is nuts.

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JamusB ()

@MrKRudd Andrew Bolt will only ever be a talking turd in the Murdoch cesspool. That’ll be as good as he gets.

LucyinTheSkies ()

@mpsmithnews So they should , hope Rowan Dean or Andrew Bolt picks this up , needs to be made public

Volvo Of Doom
Volvo Of Doom ()

If @TImSmithMP, @AlanJones, Peta Credlin, Andrew Bolt or Rowan Dean test positive for CoVID19 at any stage, I encourage all Hospitals to turn them away with an assurance that “it’s just a flu” (especially if it’s clear they actually need a respirator)

💧Frank Davies
💧Frank Davies ()

This selfish deluded behaviour is encouraged by the constant bashing of Daniel Andrews by Andrew Bolt & the power hungry LNP nobodies. Causes an incredible waste of Police resources. Blood on their hands. Cops smash anti-masker’s car window

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