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Thank you Sir Andy, the feeling is mutual. You gotta love it 💚 See you on the 🌱🎾

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Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Rex Chapman🏇🏼 ()

25 Republican led states are withdrawing early from federal unemployment programs today. What a joke. Kentucky elected a democrat governor (Andy Beshear) two years ago and will continue unemployment benefits. Elections matter.

🍜Andy~ ()


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26. Andy Warhol Postcard Book ...Book is a book🙄 Got this yestetday at the Andy Warhol exhibit 🤩

Andy Photo,Andy Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
TalkSPORT ()

🔥 “He’s a really good coach, there’s no doubt about that. He likes to play attacking football.” 😬 “I think he’s got great ideas, but I feel under pressure he’s not composed.” Andy Brassell gives us his verdict on potential #THFC boss Paulo Fonseca

Andy Slavitt 🇺🇸💉
Andy Slavitt 🇺🇸💉 ()

Top Biden coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt announces last day at White House

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

NY Post editorial board: “It’s a small thing, but telling of the presumption of the twits who run Twitter: After lefty complaints that Andy Ngo shouldn’t be called a ‘journalist’ on the site’s curated news feed, the social-media giant rewrote a headline”

Roger Federer
Roger Federer ()

Thank you Sir Andy, the feeling is mutual. You gotta love it 💚 See you on the 🌱🎾

Punto de Break
Punto de Break ()

Andy Murray se deshace en elogios ante Roger Federer con un precioso mensaje 😍

Maszlee Malik 🇲🇾
Maszlee Malik 🇲🇾 ()

Done! I would go for A great series, and I enjoyed much. But for some reasons I keep feeling the Stepehen Chow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ and Andy Lau’s ‘The Unwritten Law’ vibes throughout the 20 why? 감사합니다 K-drama stans 👌

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Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro ()

For years, we got journalists claiming that Trump was a threat to their personal safety. Now, Andy Ngo is reportedly chased through the streets and beaten by a mob, and the entire press is ignoring it.


Happy birthday June3rd Entertainment, wish you long life and more inspiration to entertain you fans, More funds and more Grace, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO Twitter FAM help wish him well #PUSHTHELIMIT

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Michael Edison Hayden
Michael Edison Hayden ()

Andy Ngo gave himself a beat. He is not a reporter. A Canadian junk news website loaned him a meaningless title after the split with Quillette. So, who is paying him to cosplay as antifa and churn out paranoid fantasies about a color revolution?

Mollie ()

Andy Ngo confirms that he was, in fact, the unidentified man the Antifa mob in Portland attacked and chased into a hotel last Friday. Thread.

Sky Sports Scotland
Sky Sports Scotland ()

Scotland lead the Netherlands once again! 💥 Kevin Nisbet scores his first goal after a superb cross from Andy Robertson! 🎁 Watch live on Sky Sports Main Event!

Famous Golfball
Famous Golfball ()

@feraligtr I’ve never had a problem in the men’s room they don’t look at anyone else in there, they also don’t care if you’re waiting for the stall and don’t notice if you’re sitting. It’s pretty great

The Bravocado
The Bravocado ()

Dame really played OT alone lol. The blazers went crazy cold and made a bunch of mistakes

Ally ()

the stuff about andy isn’t true you and your mutuals need to stop i’m serious i know a group of rinis who were tr… — bitch shut ur trap!

the gater is vaccinated. you should be too
The gater is vaccinated. you should be too ()

@joelmd70 @AngelaLovesNY I have that feeling every time I see DeSantis, Abbott, Kemp, Cruz, Rubio, Cornyn, Hawley, Cotton, well, you know the usual suspects.

WittJrBooey™️ ()

Alex Smith is one tough SOB. So impressed with his perseverance to make it back onto the field, and actually play at a decent level considering the injury he suffered. Hope to see him come back to KC as the next branch of the Andy Reid coaching tree

Cancer Fit Inc
Cancer Fit Inc ()

Andy is a true warrior! Way to pay it forward Andy! Let’s help scholarship Andy’s college tuition

Elliott/ Ell (jrwi himbo in training)
Elliott/ Ell (jrwi himbo in training) ()

@dragonwarlock_ maybe he thinks ms. élodette could be used as leverage? ... but why take dad AND andy *they fall silent, watching Marlon run around the room with his toys*

Silas P. Silas
Silas P. Silas ()

Gotta remember, he got here in the first place when the Heat had no cap space. Andy Elisburg is always gonna figure it out

RI Tea Party
RI Tea Party ()

Angry Antifa Mob Surrounds Portland Hotel Believing Journalist Andy Ngo is Inside

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Steph likes platonic hugs 🏳️‍⚧️💝
Steph likes platonic hugs 🏳️‍⚧️💝 ()

@Enderaptor @AndyLunique Ill admit, andy’s chocolate is so much better than my store bought stuff but thanks!

🌈Femme Them🌈
🌈Femme Them🌈 ()

If you’ve been a victim of abuse in a political setting, today is going to be triggering for you. Look after yourself and be kind. I fucking hate it here

Sky Sports
Sky Sports ()

#OnThisDay in 😲 Andy Ruiz Jr stopped Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden to shock the boxing world👑

Famous Golfball
Famous Golfball ()

gokus full name has changed from Baby Goku to Miss Goku Leighton which we always call her when shes licking the bin

FC Bayern München News
FC Bayern München News ()

Deutschlands Torwarttrainer Andy Köpke sagt, dass Manuel Neuer am Mittwoch gegen Dänemark spielen wird. Die Nummer 2 zwischen Trapp und Leno ist noch nicht entschieden. Stefan Ortega steht als Nummer 4 auf der Warteliste, falls sich jemand vor dem Turnier verletzt

Andy Photo,Andy Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Sky Sports Boxing
Sky Sports Boxing ()

📅ON THIS DAY: Ruiz Jr shocks AJ🤯 ⏪In 2019 @Andy_destroyer1 stopped Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden to become the first Mexican heavyweight world champion 🇲🇽👑


@wweek Andy is a homosexual neoliberal Asian son of immigrants who fled communist being hunted down by white communists in America Identity politics back firing

☚ Beethoven #AFLNorthGiants ☛
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