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Just a reminder there are nice guys from this franchise too ❤️ (also looking at you Connor and GregGlen) #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Get Ur Mask On
Get Ur Mask On ()

Matt’s dad looking and sounding like they just stuffed Matt in a time machine and poof! #BachelorInParadiseau

Bachiegurlbachieworld ()

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how people end up in abusive relationships. You’re made to feel confused & like you constantly say the wrong thing when the other person is just avoiding responsibility by placing it back on you. You no longer trust yourself #BachelorInParadiseAU

Bachiegurlbachieworld ()

If anyone has ever wondered what narcissism or gaslighting looks like, I think last night’s #BachelorInParadiseAU episode is a good start

Bachelor In Paradise Australia
Bachelor In Paradise Australia ()

👏 WHERE 👏 ARE 👏 ALL 👏 THE 👏 GLENNS 👏 IN 👏 THE 👏 COUNTRY 👏#BachelorInParadiseAU

Bachelor In Paradise Australia
Bachelor In Paradise Australia ()

OMG is this the elusive GREG?! 😍 👬 Family and friends fly into Paradise tonight on 10! #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Bachelor In Paradise Australia
Bachelor In Paradise Australia ()

Love is in the air 💕 but will all our couples make it to the final Commitment Ceremony? tonight on 10! #BachelorInParadiseAU

jacqui ミ☆
Jacqui ミ☆ ()

i am crying over #bachelorinparadiseau that was the most gorgeous scene i’ve seen in this entire franchise so much love for renee and alisha

J E S S I C A ()

Renee is a Queen 👑an absolute Queen. That was for all women messed around by fuckboys. Go girl! #bachelorinparadiseau

Dog is Love
Dog is Love ()

#BachelorInParadiseAU I am so upset that Jamie is not there to meet with the HUMAN LIE DETECTOR. i really seriously 100% would PAY to see that interview & verdict.

Liz Sheehan
Liz Sheehan ()

Ciarran trying to deny lying to a guy who specialises in lie detecting and deceptive behaviour - HAHAHAHAHA the absolute arrogance of that flog knows no bounds #BachelorInParadiseAU

Georgia Love
Georgia Love ()

If they’re taking pre-existing relationships, Lee and I would bloody love a Fijian holiday next year please! #BachelorInParadiseAU

Bachelor In Paradise Australia
Bachelor In Paradise Australia ()

Brittney and Jackson are 🎉 finally 🎉 together, but can they survive a grilling from the human lie detector? Final Week continues tonight on 10. #BachelorInParadiseAU

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Evan Hocking
Evan Hocking ()

When blokes had tattoos all over them it used to mean they’d done time in jail. Now it means they’ve done time on Bachelor In Paradise. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Sameera ()

So, I just read that Timm cheated on Britt and then ghosted her once they left paradise. What a piece of shit. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Tiarne ()

Literally gasped when Alex said Keira. Boy what are you doinnnnnng? Keely’s clearly the best choice. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Sameera ()

Is no one concerned that Britt and Timm have just disappeared? #BachelorInParadiseAU

Sameera ()

No one is putting you against Brittney, you did that yourself Cassandra. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Disgruntled Pelican
Disgruntled Pelican ()

Timm talking to Britt about needing to leave Paradise like a paranoid guy coming down from a bad coke binge #BachelorInParadiseAU

𝘵𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘢: 𝘢 𝘴𝘢𝘥 𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩 🌧
𝘵𝘢𝘴𝘩𝘢: 𝘢 𝘴𝘢𝘥 𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩 🌧 ()

I’m SOOO glad Cass is gone from #BachelorInParadiseAU. She was a two faced bitch. Well that’s what she comes across as at least. Absolutely cruel.

matt starr
Matt starr ()

dw guys i’m getting to the bottom of this #bachelorinparadiseau

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Future Mrs Clooney
Future Mrs Clooney ()

She bullied him into giving it to her. She called him a dweeb behind his back!! Knowing they’re not together now is even more frustrating. Alex is wasting any opportunity of finding love with Keely. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Tahlia Pritchard
Tahlia Pritchard ()

Wrote about how (most) of the women on this season of #BachelorInParadiseAU have made the damn show

Noel’s 🏝 Caravans, Noel’s Caravans
Noel’s 🏝 Caravans, Noel’s Caravans ()

Cass is a turd. The producers are turds for purposely giving Cass advantages over Brittney. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Leesha Monson
Leesha Monson ()

Tim really misread the room saying “everyone in Australia is going to hate you “ to Matt. Ummmm nope. #BachelorInParadiseAU

Sheeka ()

moment of silence for britt who is classy, beautiful and unproblematic and deserves better than timm :) #BachelorInParadiseAU

Tiger_Seth ()

The producers giving Cass the date card tonight after giving her the first rose last week was an absolute joke. Britney is so nice and they had a perfectly good story going against mean girl - keira with Alex and Keely. It was a very low dog act. #shameful #BachelorInParadiseAU

Michelle ()

When Alisha and Renee call out Cass on her bs and telling her to stop being a snake #BachelorInParadiseAU

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A Rodriguez Sanchez
A Rodriguez Sanchez ()

Brit is a freaking catch, amazing body and awesome energy. Cass is bitter #BachelorInParadiseAU

Extinctionrebel ()

Cass tearing down other women to make herself look good is just pathetic. No amount of editing will change what you said #BachelorInParadiseAU

Georgia Love
Georgia Love ()

Just a reminder there are nice guys from this franchise too ❤️ (also looking at you Connor and GregGlen) #BachelorInParadiseAU

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