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I was one of the worst waiters in the history of the country but I was a waiter, Bernie says on the Senate floor as he speaks in favor of raising tipped minimum wage

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Primary Corporatists
Primary Corporatists ()

@ScottGWrites Full of dinosaurs and full of out of touch multi millionaires. Senate is much much worse than the House. We are just lucky we got Bernie there, otherwise it would be even more horrendous

Jezebel ()

It’s nice that Bernie Sanders’s spiel can bring two demographics together: Horny young adults who want the thrill of making out with someone they just met at a party an hour ago, and moms who are thirsty for grandchildren

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Reclaim the Fight: Progress, not Peacocking 🇺🇸
Reclaim the Fight: Progress, not Peacocking 🇺🇸 ()

Bernie Sanders wanted Kamala Harris to fall on her sword for something Bernie Sanders could barely find 40 votes for.

Jeff Stein
Jeff Stein ()

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says on the Senate floor that the fate of the relief bill will show whether or not the is in fact a democracy, because failing to act would mean Congress ignores and is unresponsive to the vast pain of the American working class during covid

Erica Werner
Erica Werner ()

I was one of the worst waiters in the history of the country but I was a waiter, Bernie says on the Senate floor as he speaks in favor of raising tipped minimum wage

Riley Freeman
Riley Freeman ()

And if I bring up how Bernie would been a better POTUS I don’t want to hear shit about his electability because I’m talking about actual action that would have gotten done not talking points that maintains a fucked up 2 party system

Logan ()

the woke mob will tell you you need a LIBERAL arts degree to be a successful artist but the best selling author of all time was a carpenter checkmate bernie

Moose ()

@Nivica897 Imagine puttimg yourself on an iv just to keep working and then getting shittalked over a swordfighter. The smash community kinda deserves it.

Corinne Blalock
Corinne Blalock ()

but I came home to this, no idea who sent it, but a mitten-laden Bernie is always a welcome surprise. and people say Bernie bros aren’t

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Ady Barkan
Ady Barkan ()

The relief bill is a must-pass for all Democrats. If Manchin can threaten to withhold his vote, so can Elizabeth, Bernie, and the Squad+ They should wield their power. Make the bill better, for the substance and the politics.

Manu Raju
Manu Raju ()

At 6:25p, minutes before the WH pulled Neera Tanden’s nomination, Bernie Sanders would not say to @wolfblitzer if he supported her nomination. “I will make that decision when the vote takes place.”

Lanny ()

I see the Bernie Left purists have joined forces with MAGA to fuck over another woman of color. Thanks assholes.

Jacopo 🔴⚫️
Jacopo 🔴⚫️ ()

Ci vorrebbe il meme di Bernie Sanders nella platea vuota dell’Ariston #Sanremo2021

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The Situation Room
The Situation Room ()

“We’re going to win this, if not this week, in the near future,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders on increasing the minimum wage to $15.

Samvision ()

Wolf Blitzer? Wow. The $15 an hour is really gaining momentum. Like you might not like Bernie but you can not deny his influence


Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders propose 3% wealth tax on billionaires

🌺🌸Sasha 🌺🌸
🌺🌸Sasha 🌺🌸 ()

A whole lotta 🌹Bros, Tankies and Socialists Fittna find out Bernie Sanders ain’t about that life. And I got my “Told ya” sign ready.

Steven Dennis
Steven Dennis ()

! Bernie Sanders announces *PLAN B* to raise wages: Take tax breaks away from big companies that fail to pay $15 an hour + incentives for smaller companies. #MinimumWage

Faiz ()

Chairman Bernie Sanders calls a budget committee hearing about income inquality. Asks Costco to testify. Costco agrees and announces it is raising its minimum wage to $16/hr.

Progressive Or Bust!
Progressive Or Bust! ()

Bernie Sanders, Champion of Stimulus Checks, Favorability Rating Higher than Biden and Harris: Poll

🤷🏾‍♂️ ()

All I’m going to say is this: Bernie Sanders would have gotten us our stimulus by 🤷🏾‍♂️

(((Emilia))) ()

@JohnBechard @katewillett Okay gross old white man who runs with his full name like it ain’t searchable 🤡 Btw Bernie is a politician he also must answer for any aiding and abetting war crimes, even back in the ‘90’s. Fuck out of here with your infantile bullshit.

Mini Bernie
Mini Bernie ()

Вместо терминала В, прилетели в Д. Бегу через все Шереметьево. Любимое просто 🤦🏻‍♀️

Will E (Future Ghost)
Will E (Future Ghost) ()

And so I have this social network of moderate Ivy League socialists who do shit like promote Bernie-Warren unity and I like them but I feel it would be better for me if I had kept up with the far left too instead of dismissing them as unserious because I got lib-pilled. Jesus.

Nina (country era 🌳)🔆
Nina (country era 🌳)🔆 ()

Bernie just enjoying the vast garden owned by the suggwells

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E-Town Concrete Milkshake
E-Town Concrete Milkshake ()

So we are referring to all the weirdo liberals on here who swear that Bernie Sanders is the secret Jewish puppet master behind Joe Manchin not voting for Neera Tanden and Gary Peters postponing her nomination vote in the HSGAC as BlueAnon right?

#TwoAmericas 🎭
#TwoAmericas 🎭 ()

Anyone else remember how Bernie blocking every single Obama nominee for the Postal Board of Governors?

Sobel Promotions 🏴‍☠️
Sobel Promotions 🏴‍☠️ ()

@princessmom122 @TrinityMustache Are you surprised? We know how Bernie feels about strong women of color.

Earl Brown
Earl Brown ()

@eclecticbrotha @tomwatson Based on Schumer having chosen Bernie to run the committee that Tanden would have to get through- I can only assume Chuck is not up to task- or worse.

John Iadarola
John Iadarola ()

Bernie Sanders, champion of stimulus checks, favorability rating higher than Biden and Harris: Poll

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