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Bitcoin is probably less volatile than similar sized assets like Apple stock or even Tesla stock.” - @cz_binance on Bloomberg TV

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イエレン米財務長官の発言に市場動揺-金利上昇の可能性に言及 - Bloomberg 〜アトランティック誌のインタビュー公開後に、同氏は別のセミナーで「(利上げを)予言したり提言したりするつもりはない」と述べ、火消しに回った

Jason Schreier
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NEWS: Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, director of The Witcher 3, has left CD Projekt following allegations of workplace bullying, Bloomberg has learned. An investigation found him not guilty but he quit and apologized to staff for all the bad blood I have caused”

Pomp 🌪
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Bitcoin is probably less volatile than similar sized assets like Apple stock or even Tesla stock.” - @cz_binance on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg Middle East
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Egypt extended its monetary easing pause for another month, seeking to keep local debt attractive to foreign investors

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@LaGacetaTucuman Hermosa referencia citar a un fondo buitre como Bloomberg, para hablar mal de la Argentina, no son parámetros de nada, USA tiene 5 veces mas muertos que Argentina en la

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EU banks still cheap, cheap, cheap > Deutsche Bank posts its strongest quarter in seven years via @business

Bloomberg Canada
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Canadian retailers posted a rebound in sales in February and March, but gains could stall in April on fresh lockdowns

Joanna Teglund🇵🇱🇸🇪 😷 #ZeroCovid
Joanna Teglund🇵🇱🇸🇪 😷 #ZeroCovid ()

🇸🇪Swedish PM: We might find some archipelago who managed Facts: 31 archipelago managed better Bloomberg #COVID19 Resilience Ranking of 53 largest economies assessing success in virus control with least social/economic disruption Zealand .

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Bloomberg Markets
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Beyond Meat is close to adding plant-based chicken to its product lineup this year

W Radio Colombia
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@omedinacruz #AlAireEnLaW | “Colombia ha resuelto sus problemas fiscales a corto plazo con medidas”: Oscar Medina (@omedinacruz), periodista de Bloomberg

Ali Shihabi علي الشهابي
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Sloppy chart. Need exact dates of the latest numbers Bloomberg used here. Anything post January 2020 is Covid impacted so obviously targets will have not been met. MBS made that point clearly in his interview. Covid has upended everything for the years 20/21

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Some important perspective, with respect to all the chatter about inflation

Kari Ki 😊
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Fun fact - Botswana is the size of Kenya with a population that’s half of Nairobi’s. 😀

David Ingles
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Biden Unveils Massive Family Aid Plan Funded by Taxing Wealthy

Новости Эхо Москвы
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Bloomberg со ссылкой на закрытую статистику правительства пишет, что до России докатилась третья волна пандемии

Christophe Barraud🛢
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🇺🇸 #Covid Restaurant ‘Carnage’ Shows Itself in Latest Old Country Buffet #Bankruptcy - Bloomberg *Link:

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日本政府、 サッカーと野球のスポーツ賭博合法化を検討-報道 ブックメーカー式だろうけど同元をどこまで認めるか? 外資とか来たら意味ないし。 ソフバンみずほが独占するなら辞めた方がいい

Михаил Котлов
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Джо Байден представит план на $1,8 триллиона по расширению образования и помощи семьям, частично финансируемый за счёт крупнейшего за последние десятилетия повышения налогов на богатых

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BloombergJapanさんからRT: 日立、米ベイン連合に保有する全日立金属株を売却-総額3820億円   04月28日18時07分台のニュースでした

Hagiwararyu ()

BloombergJapanさんからRT: 【新型コロナ】豪州、五輪選手団にワクチン優先接種へ-CDC新指針   04月28日18時07分台のニュースでした

Owen Walker
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Your regular reminder that taking LSD before a board meeting is probably not a good idea CEO of $2 Billion Startup Ousted for Taking LSD at Work

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BloombergJapanさんからRT: EU、外国国有企業の買収阻止と制裁金賦課の権限模索-中国を意識   04月28日18時07分台のニュースでした

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BloombergJapanさんからRT: サムスン会長遺族、1兆2000億円相続税を納付へ-ピカソなど寄贈   04月28日18時07分台のニュースでした

Alan Scratch
Alan Scratch ()

@Sx0TSIi0Jgca22i @Offchainon USA 17 UK 18 ITA 37 IND 30 JAP - ไม่มีข้อมูล

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Tuttle Capital Management
Tuttle Capital Management ()

via @bopinion The “for Now” in this headline is important. I remember our markets selling off based on trouble in Greece and Cyprus a few years back, India is bigger than those guys. If they can’t get this under control we will be hearing more about this

Carlos Caicedo
Carlos Caicedo ()

Según Bloomberg, Colombia se ubica en el puesto 50 del listado mensual de resiliencia al Covid de las 53 mayores economías; donde califica 4 factores: tasa de mortalidad, pruebas de detección del Coronavirus, acceso a vacunas y libertad de movimiento con menor perturbación social

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Walmart’s annual revenue increased to more than $500 billion last year. The Walton family’s fortune soared to $250 billion during that period. Walmart’s minimum wage is $11 an hour

Bloomberg Quicktake
Bloomberg Quicktake ()

WHO’s @DrTedros calls India’s Covid situation “beyond heartbreaking” and says the organization has dispatched thousands of oxygen concentrators and other supplies and redeployed more than 2,600 people to help on the ground

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