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Couple of people miffed that I referred to Boris Johnson as ‘Britain Trump ‘ last night. That’s not my nickname for him, of course, it’s Trump’s.

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Michèle-Anne Bruchet
Michèle-Anne Bruchet ()

SIX times Joe Biden showed he is willing to torpedo post-Brexit trade deal with UK

Stuff ()

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Donald Trump is to blame for Capitol siege

Stephen Mangan
Stephen Mangan ()

Couple of people miffed that I referred to Boris Johnson as ‘Britain Trump ‘ last night. That’s not my nickname for him, of course, it’s Trump’s.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn ()

Today I challenged Boris Johnson on the need to tackle poverty and insecurity. His dismissive response shows that the Tories continue to have no regard for the concerns of millions of people struggling during this crisis.

CNN Brasil
CNN Brasil ()

Boris Johnson se pronuncia sobre lockdown na Inglaterra #CNNpelaVacina

Federico Ortino
Federico Ortino ()

EU firms refuse UK deliveries as Boris Johnson’s India trade trip scrapped - follow live

BBC News (UK)
BBC News (UK) ()

More than million people across the UK - including million in England - vaccinated so far, says Boris Johnson That includes more than 650,000 people over 80 - which is 23% of all the over 80s in England, the PM adds Latest:

Lucy Fisher
Lucy Fisher ()

Boris Johnson says people in England have been vaccinated ( in UK overall). This includes 650,000 people aged over 80, which is 23% of that age group. There are 595 GP-led and 107 hospital-led jab sites set up, with 280 more sites set to be ready by end of the week.

Un Homme
Un Homme ()

Le problème, ce n’est pas que les écoles ne sont pas sûres pour les enfants mais qu’elles sont des vecteurs de contamination, a ainsi justifié le PM. Cc ⁦@Dhriss⁩

Harri Tohmo
Harri Tohmo ()

Johnsonin mukaan koulut turvallisia, Trumpin mukaan korona pitää sairastaa, Tegnellin mukaan koulut auki jotta korona leviää riittävästi. Meillä opetusministeri ⁦@jussisaramo⁩ about samoilla linjoilla. Jälki karmeaa. Nyt toimia!

Donny ()

@ShinsukeGOAT Online school* Boris Johnson locking us in fr Oh well I just need to fix my sleep schedule. Also get better soon 🙏

🗄스틸녹스10mg직구🗄 ()

Boris Johnson says the spread of the new variant is both frustrating and alarming ✅#강력수면제팝니다 ✅#수면제제조법 카카오Hyun1⃣6⃣8⃣4⃣

Fletch :))
Fletch :)) ()

What is the point in Boris Johnson. (Could’ve ended it there)

Harry Still
Harry Still ()

CNBC: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposes national lockdown on England to combat new Covid variant. via @GoogleNews

gente cosmopolita tv
Gente cosmopolita tv ()

Boris Johnson ordena el confinamiento total de Inglaterra a partir del mircoles hasta mediados de febrero y Escocia anuncia cerrojazo durante todo enero

James ()

@kayeadams It is our primary aim Scotland at competition than mitigation, as per usual.

Connor ()

Boris Johnson introduces a national lockdown except not really because loads of people still have to go to work (construction and building industry which is hardly essential if you ask me) and early years settings are still open to everyone. Honestly Boris is a fucking idiot.

MuscleBet ()

🇬🇧 Boris Johnson, İngiltere’nin 3. kez karantinaya gireceğini ama Premier Lig’in devam edeceğini açıkladı.

Boris Johnson Photo,Boris Johnson Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
William Bigley
William Bigley ()

@LBC The problem is that Boris Johnson said. Nobody listens. Credibility is needed & Gove, Raab & Sunak staying quiet doth butter no parsnips. It would help if someone acknowledged one, just one mistake.

Pippa Heylings 🔶️
Pippa Heylings 🔶️ ()

This is the public health policy the Prime Minister should have announced before Christmas. But yet again, Boris Johnson ducked the difficult decisions, failed to listen to experts and acted too late. #lockdown


The way Southampton play is a disgrace pressing so much in the space of 90 minutes is inhuman they have absolutely knackered my players it’s a disgrace. I blame BT Sky, Amazon, Boris Johnson and Pickford

Neil Short#FBPE 🇪🇺
Neil Short#FBPE 🇪🇺 ()

Boris Johnson had one last chance to finally be honest. He offered up excuses instead | Tom Peck

Venus Media
Venus Media ()

🚫🇬🇧 El primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, anunció una nueva cuarentena total para combatir la pandemia frente al auge de una nueva cepa de coronavirus más contagiosa.

Benji ()

Any clarity on uni student Boris Johnson? We seem to be forgotten, 9k for online learning doesn’t really cut it, we deserve subsidies or we shall protest. #Lockdown #Fairtreatmentofstudents

Canal 6 Tv
Canal 6 Tv ()

🟥#ULTIMAHORA|El primer ministro británico, Boris Johnson, anunció un nuevo confinamiento nacional que se prolongará al menos hasta mediados de febrero para combatir una nueva variedad del coronavirus que se propaga rápidamente. #Covid_19

The French-Canadian Connection
The French-Canadian Connection ()

@mreichenser @GrassrootsChi wild to see boris johnson more in tune with reality than our mayor

Seán Meehan
Seán Meehan ()

Good and keep it that way. The last thing we need is the Irish government following a Trumpesque, Boris Johnson road of ignoring science and experts. ()

Mutation du virus Covid-19 : Boris Johnson, premier ministre anglais, annonce un confinement total #boris-johnson @Senego

Liam Young
Liam Young ()

The most helpful COVID19 measure that Boris Johnson could announce at 8pm would be his resignation

Toby Earle
Toby Earle ()

When asked on #Marr to give benefits of Brexit, Boris Johnson says the UK can have freeports & has banned pulse fishing. We had freeports when we were in the EU & France banned pulse fishing in 2019

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