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Kaiyoko 💫

@Kougaon_ Omega Ultimate prog is causing breeding difficulty and is starting the Doomsday Clock of the Human race.

Rurumi 夢望 ルルミ໒꒱¦heavenrend

Rurumi Price: 3$ Personality: Playful. I love making a mess. Food: Prefers sweet things. Notes: Always keep on a leash. Breeding Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ #meForSale.

Kistago🔞 Demon Daddy

5 star breeding difficulty you say? Challenge accepted. 😈 🎨 @tavrosdraws.

💋 Fiona Maray 💋🔞 🔜 F2+FWA

There is absolutely no Breeding Difficulty with this absolute unit of a mare. You just have to catch her bulletproof ass first..


a disaster i saw breeding difficulty trending and how could i not be curious.

Kyra Wild

Ahahah, more or less accurate!:D The Breeding Difficulty tho🥹.

Mr. Underhill | Redebut SOON 🔮

Fear me, Vtubers. I am the Dark Souls of Breeding Difficulty..

Fan 帆!

Breeding difficulty: 0 10000000--💥.


The only breeding difficulty I have is not having someone to breed. My balls are very full..


cuddles and Food 🤩 now I know why Breeding Difficulty was trending.

Saku 💜😈💜 VTuber **Returning Jan/Feb 2023**

Why am I so cheap?? And my breeding difficulty should be saying The rest is def accurate lol.

Yuuma 🎋👹Vtuber ∙ 2.0 Reveal Feb 9

Damn bruh, my breeding difficulty so low. 😱 Is the site calling easy? LOL.

🔞 Jona

That $86 is the bill for the tacos it takes to make me a 3-star breeding difficulty..


lmao hold up🤣 Which one of yall got Breeding Difficulty trending?!.


Renimpmon Price: 775$ Personality: Aggressive. I love making a mess. Food: Eats a lot. Notes: Can bite. Breeding Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ #meForSale #toasteed.

Ketou Yufou👽✨けとう・ユーフォー VTuber

my breeding difficulty is low because i am young, fertile, and ready to undergo the wonderful act of childbirth. the population is declining. wake up sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!! #VTuber #ENVTuber.

Jarylan - Always Surprised This App Still Works

@TacoWelcome *snerks at breeding difficulty* Sounds like Boss Truck in certain circles, yes..

🐑 Minni Lam | Pre-debut Vtuber 🐑

I mean it’s pretty accurate ahah If u think about it my behaviours more like a cat than a lamb PFF but also WTF IS BREEDING DIFFICULTY??? Someone explain pls Does 5 stars mean I’m submissive n breedable?? 😭😭🫠🫠.

Miki (Mommy Arc)!!!

Why is breeding difficulty trending? Who sold Mommy to a Pet Store? #Vtuber #ENVtubers.

🌸Ookami Queen Ch.👑

I saw the Breeding Difficulty trending on Twitter and thought I should give it a try. And man, another true gimmick😭.


CptDeviant Price: 996,330$ Personality: Affectionate. Sensitive to heat. Food: Likes alcohol. Notes: Likes cuddles. Breeding Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ #meForSale #toasteed.

Jackie Demon

Jackie Demon Price: 52$ Personality: Aggressive. I like playing with my toys. Food: Only eats desserts. Notes: Can bite. Breeding Difficulty: ★★★★★ #meForSale #toasteed.

🎼 Saxy WereW🅾️🅾️sky 🎷

This is so goofy haha Jazzy Price: 5,115$ Personality: Intelligent. Sensitive to heat. Food: Only eats desserts. Notes: Very dominant. Breeding Difficulty: ★★★★★ #meForSale #toasteed.


→@Rose_Gems Price: 236,950$ Personality: Intelligent. I love making a mess. Food: Only eats desserts. Notes: Likes cuddles. Breeding Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆ #meForSale #toasteed.


Breeding Difficulty is NOT occurring in the 3rd World. 3rd World Population is growing by 186,000 per day, which is total driver for World Exponential Population growth. World adding 1 Billion in 7 years, next 1 Billion in 6 years, following 1 Billion in 5 years, ... STOP IT.

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