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Lot of people making fun of this headline, but I ABSOLUTELY believe Elon Musk could make a zoo where everything breaks and a lot of people die

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Fabio Alonso.
Fabio Alonso. ()

@elonmusk To celebrate high prices of crypto I recently started an exchange. Read more ~ //-> You should thank me later!!!!

Yisus ()

elon made this shit into a real thing

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Joueur du Grenier
Joueur du Grenier ()

Allez Elon, donne nous les néons flashy mauve et les hologrammes géant pour notre monde cyberpunk là

Infobae ()

La historia del DJ argentino que está en carrera para viajar a la Luna en un cohete de Elon Musk | Por Víctor Ingrassia

Seda Erciyes 👻
Seda Erciyes 👻 ()

Elon Musk da Eylül Ekim Kasım dedi, hemen şarkıya yatırım yapalım

Chase Mitchell
Chase Mitchell ()

Lot of people making fun of this headline, but I ABSOLUTELY believe Elon Musk could make a zoo where everything breaks and a lot of people die

Complex ()

Elon Musk’s Neuralink partner: “We could probably build Jurassic Park if we wanted to.” More:

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🐟 ()

والله ياهو سبويلر ياجماعة ايه هذي الفصول السنعة مب هبد خويكم

Aman Kumar 🇮🇳
Aman Kumar 🇮🇳 ()

@Nomad_1x @elonmusk What you thought that elon will keep thus pic his profile pic, just same as weekend did.😂 Its kinda impossible.

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Plats ()

@elonmusk @whatsyouryat Hey Elon! I’ll trade you the Technoking of Tesla Yat for a Tesla 😬

dilip cherian
Dilip cherian ()

Serious intent #Tesla #Elon @mphholdings @anandmahindra

James Cole
James Cole ()

@richardursomd Delores Cahill PhD predicted this last year, a specialist in this field for 25+ years and 6,000 colleague citations. And Elon Musk confirmed her today. This needs to trend.

🦙Derpa Glass 🦙
🦙Derpa Glass 🦙 ()

Yea Elon musk can send rockets to space. But I can make space and hold it in the palm of my hand. Your move @elonmusk

The Hill
The Hill ()

Elon Musk Day to be celebrated April 20

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Dillon ()

Happy birthday @SaladinMichael Anyone ever tell you that you look like Elon Musk tho?

Pablo Plata
Pablo Plata ()

@tobyliiiiiiiiii 3. Raptors have not had enough issues with long run times, the issues are mainly always relight and startup, not worth it to do it. 4. Elon lol, he just wants it to fly as quick as possible, that would delay it a lot

Quetallausatumadreparasaberquétallallevarlemen ()

No tal es que viven con sus padres financian los coches y los iphone y no tiene un duro no se que. PERDONA no sabía que estábamos hablando con Elon Musk hermano, que tú a los 10 años ya estabas currando y viviendo en tu pisito con el coche pago. Taaacostarte andaaa 🤦🏻‍♂️

Yan-Dechavron👑🔱🇨🇮🇨🇮 Ton Pro Cendrillon
Yan-Dechavron👑🔱🇨🇮🇨🇮 Ton Pro Cendrillon ()

Ts pas intelligent tu peux rien capter . Les politiques ont fini par faire du virus leur campagne . La suite Des millénaires plus tard, des Elon, des Bezos finissent par imposer leurs prix . Il a tout expliqué 🔥🔥🔥 William Kalubi .

Hedge Fund
Hedge Fund ()

Elon likes to troll his haters So does hedge fund People will talk shit And then copy you a few years later in a bull run 🦍 🌴

Frank Pasquale
Frank Pasquale ()

The fact that Musk takes public money while presenting himself as the heroic libertarian opponent of stodgy government bureaucracy is maddening. So, too, is the fact that he, rather than the public, is the one who ends up getting rich. cc @MazzucatoM

CNN ()

Kim Kardashian West is joining the ranks of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other moguls: She is officially a billionaire, according to Forbes.

El Chigüire Bipolar
El Chigüire Bipolar ()

No todo son malas noticias: Elon Musk clona a Maite Delgado

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𝕞ⓘ𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕖𝒍 คη𝕘𝕖𝒍ⓞ
𝕞ⓘ𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕖𝒍 คη𝕘𝕖𝒍ⓞ ()

@chamath cmon energy and valuable buy a few hundred million $UBX make elon look like a piker when @UBIX_Network goes 1000x and its your doge coin:)

DiarioBitcoin ()

Elon Musk dijo que “SpaceX pondrá un Dogecoin literal en la luna literal”, verdad o broma DOGE subió 20%

NomadCovfefe ()

Breakingviews - Capital Calls - Endeavor seeks best of Elon Musk

Julian Shapiro
Julian Shapiro ()

Elon Musk is on record that he makes decisions using the same technique as Jeff Bezos. I found YouTube videos of them explaining it. A thread on thinking more clearly:

Pessi AlCapone 🃏
Pessi AlCapone 🃏 ()

#PessiOnMars en 1er tendances en quelques minutes, nous sommes GOATESQUE. Elon is finito akhy.


@elonmusk little message for Elon Musk: we are the Pessi. What do we want? Achieve our big Prime. How? By sending one of our brothers to the planet Mars. We must work together for the good of mankind or else you are a fraud akhy #PessiOnMars pleure

CNN en Español
CNN en Español ()

Esta criptomoneda comenzó tiempo atrás como una broma. Ahora Elon Musk publicó un tuit enigmático sobre ella y sucedió... lo que sucede cuando Elon Musk tuitea.

meghnad 🔗
Meghnad 🔗 ()

Coincidentally, the car that *broke down* was a Tesla and the battery ran out. FIR will be filed against Elon also. ~ Highly Placed Totally Legit Sources

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