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Taylor Swift wears dress for the ‘Speak Now’ portion of the Eras Tour..

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taylor said she loves evermore when everyone thought she hated it because deep down she actually hates speak now.


just a theory but im guessing taylor didn’t play much from speak now or red bc she’s already toured for those albums so she prob wanted to perform more of the albums she’s never had a chance to play live aka why 75% of the playlist was folklore, evermore, midnights, and lover.

モカ🦊 🌸✨
モカ🦊 🌸✨

It went well 🥰 I managed to speak Japanese quite well despite my body being tired because of the rain 💦 But now my belly is full 😼.

Ayesha Raat
Ayesha Raat

Now be silent. Let the One who creates the words speak. He made the door. He made the lock. He also made the key. EMPOWERING DIVA NIMRIT.


apparently she doesn’t know speak now stans are basically a cult. but she’s about to find out.

liz is in swift city ✨
Liz is in swift city ✨

I Know I’ll go through the entire tour and feel a rotten sense of envy every night I’m not there and don’t get to experience the surprise song 🥹 there’s SO much she could do without me there whatever will I do with myself …anyone who gets a debut/speak now song will be so lucky.


Speak now and debut im so sorry your mother hates you #GlendaleTSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTour.

ash misses mcr :(
Ash misses mcr :(

hahahah one speak now song nice prank taylor now play the entirely of speak now as a closer.

paddock princess
Paddock princess

I can name ten songs from this list that could’ve been cut to give more speak now and debut 😡.

lauren sees Taylor TODAY sec 239 row 5
Lauren sees Taylor TODAY sec 239 row 5

i’m like there’s gotta be a reason she only did one speak now song… there has to be..

🌵 Matheus
🌵 Matheus

Taylor Swift porque me odeias???? 1 música do Speak Now? Pelo menos é a maior dele, sou apaixonado em Enchanted 😻 mas podia por Haunted e Mine também! E olha esse figurino!! 🥹💜.

Speak Now Foto,Speak Now Foto by 🌵 Matheus,🌵 Matheus on twitter tweets Speak Now Foto
margaux MET RINA ♡
Margaux MET RINA ♡

@Pnkluvr yesss sape, honestly I could see her release speak now TV after the US dates and add some more songs for the next legs.

Jess Belmosto
Jess Belmosto

@SaraCivian I’m honestly super annoyed the Red has so many songs?? Reputation should’ve had more deep cuts and where is the love for Speak Now….

˗ˏˋ mikay ˊˎ˗
˗ˏˋ mikay ˊˎ˗

NOW WHY IS THERE JUST ONE SONG FROM SPEAK NOW IN THE ENTIRE fly? long live? mine???? screaming crying throwing up.

syira 💧🔶️🌱🏛
Syira 💧🔶️🌱🏛

-thinking that it would at least provide him warmth he needed. He sighed, silently sobbing, ..i missed u wish i could see He had never had the chance to speak with his housemate even when they live in the same home and now he regretted it..

Tatiane Cruz
Tatiane Cruz

Meu deus ainda tem o 1989, Midnights e o Debut Sinto que algum desses vai ser um speak now da vida com uma música só kkkk.

christine | MARY DAY
Christine | MARY DAY

question how can taylor move on to the rest of folklore if i’m still sobbing to august maybe she needs to go back to speak now.


Taylor cantó una sola canción de Speak Now. ¿Donde están Last Kiss, Dear John y todas las ICÓNICAS?.


como uma speak now stan me encontro decepcionada ela colocou aquele vestido lindo, mexeu cmg, pra cantar só enchanted, taylor swift vc me paga quero back to December na minha mesa agora.




listen it could be very real that taylor performs long live towards the end of the setlist and announces speak now tv . IT COULD..

Courtney Welch
Courtney Welch

MY TEARS RICOCHET!!! I might forgive her for only having one speak now song for this 😭.

brubru🔗🔑 (taylor’s version)
Brubru🔗🔑 (taylor’s version)

@updateswiftbr se for pra cantar folklore e não speak now faça me o favor de cantar mirrorball e hoax.

lucas com K
Lucas com K

juro, se o Speak Now TV não sair depois desse show eu vou cometer atrocidades.

Speak Now Foto,Speak Now Foto by lucas com K,lucas com K on twitter tweets Speak Now Foto

gente olha o tanto de musica no folk, do evermore, do 1 musica do speak now não supero. #TheErasTour.

watering the grapes in my vineyard
Watering the grapes in my vineyard

no ella literalmente dedicándole medio concierto a folklore evermore y cortando speak now y no cantando getaway car, red, state of grace????.


Todo mundo achando que a taylor nao ia cantar nenhuma do evermore e a mulher foi la cantou mais de 3 e pro speak now cantou só uma KAKAKKAKWKK.


okay can everyone collectively decide to show up in the purple speak now dress so she’s forced to sing more songs PLEASE it would be so funny.

jeffier | The Eras Tour
Jeffier | The Eras Tour

Taylor top álbuns: 1- Lover 2- reputation 3- 1989 4- fearless tv 5- red tv 6- evermore 7- folklore 8- speak now 9- midnights 10- taylor swift.

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