Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: April 2nd, 2023 03:41 PM IST
Rank Twitter Trends Tweet Volume
1. Trump 1M+
2. April Fools 848K+
3. Night 1 633K+
4. #Wrestlemania 609K+
5. Chelsea 341K+
6. Liverpool 319K+
7. Potter 243K+
8. Lewis 139K+
9. Charles 133K+
10. Yuki 120K+
11. Game 2 117K+
12. Charlotte 109K+
13. Zendaya 98K+
14. #AusGP 92K+
15. Poisson 88K+
16. 60 Minutes 87K+
17. Theory 83K+
18. Sami 75K+
19. Grealish 74K+
20. Hamilton 73K+
21. Russell 71K+
22. Seth 67K+
23. Red Flag 58K+
24. Alonso 57K+
25. Rhea 55K+
26. Iowa 49K+
27. Ferrari 47K+
28. gracie 46K+
29. Mudryk 45K+
30. Rey Mysterio 40K+
31. Soup 39K+
32. UConn 39K+
33. SDSU 38K+
34. Verstappen 37K+
35. Caitlin Clark 37K+
36. San Diego State 36K+
37. Vancouver Police 34K+
38. Hulk 30K+
39. #AustralianGP 30K+
40. Sens 29K+
41. Logan Paul 28K+
42. Rodri 26K+
43. Usos 26K+
44. John Cena 26K+
45. Campbell 25K+
46. Sainz 25K+
47. Dominik 24K+
48. #AustraliaGP 24K+
49. Bad Bunny 23K+
50. Vince 23K+
51. Sammy 23K+
52. Trish 22K+
53. Snoop 21K+
54. NASCAR 21K+
55. Seth Rollins 20K+
56. Arlington 19K+
57. Ingram 16K+
58. Kevin Owens 16K+
59. Gibson 16K+
60. Lita 16K+
61. Aldo 13K+
62. Albon 13K+
63. The FIA 13K+
64. Clippers 13K+
65. Dominik Mysterio 12K+
66. Aston Martin 11K+
67. Becher 10K+
68. Bud Light 10K+
69. Rick Steiner <10K
70. Ducks <10K
71. Abu Dhabi <10K
72. Pelicans <10K
73. Go Leafs Go <10K
74. #GamebredBoxing4 <10K
75. Anaheim <10K
76. #CFMTL <10K
77. #VWFC <10K
78. Zohorna <10K
79. Trish Stratus <10K
80. Cinnamon Toast Crunch <10K
81. Talbot <10K
82. Red Robinson <10K
83. McDavid <10K
84. Jack Campbell <10K
85. Summer McIntosh <10K
86. Holden <10K
87. RIP Red <10K
88. Biggio <10K
89. john mcdavid <10K
90. #TFCLive <10K
91. #WMCC2023 <10K
92. Draisaitl <10K
93. Horgan <10K
94. Apple TV <10K
95. #WHLPlayoffs <10K
96. Seamus <10K
97. gausman <10K
98. #Formula1 <10K
99. Samsonov <10K
100. #LetsGoOilers <10K
101. Michael Masi <10K
102. Austin Theory <10K
103. Flaherty <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

As of today, your family now pays more for everything: ⛽️ gas, 🥦 groceries, ⚡️ utilities, and 🛍️ goods. I will always stand with Albertans in opposition to the NDP-Liberal carbon tax. #carbontax #cdnpoli


⭐️ Connor McDavid (@cmcdavid97) ⭐️⭐️ Leon Draisaitl ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Clayton Keller (@ClaytonKeller37) Congratulations to the Three Stars of the Month for March!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Draisaitl by NHL

Federico Bernardeschi scores an Olimpico 😱 What a goal directly from the corner kick. #TFCLive

ANOTHER WORLD RECORD 🔥 Summer McIntosh sets her SECOND World Record at the Canadian Swimming Trials with a time of 4 in the 400m IM Watch LIVE:


Another piping hot serving of SOUP. 🍜 Jack Campbell secures his first @pepsi shutout as a member of the @EdmontonOilers!

Today, @RachelNotley & @JustinTrudeau’s carbon tax went up. Albertans now pay 14 ¢ per litre, in extra tax, every time they fill up. We must fight these tax increases together! Will you stand with United Conservatives against the NDP-Liberal carbon tax? #carbontax #cdnpoli

Twitter trends in Canada today - #carbontax by United Conservative Party of Alberta

He’s still got it! Russ Howard puts it on the 4ft with the help of @waynemiddaugh and Peter Corner on the brush and @howardfour holding the broom. It was a pleasure having the 1993 world men’s champs throw the ceremonial first rock! #WMCC2023

Child safety advocate Billboard Chris was assaulted multiple times by trans activists as the Vancouver police stood by and watched it happen

Congratulations to the @MapleLeafs on getting to 100 points for only the 7th time in franchise history. What a game! What a team! What a season! ‘Nother Beer!🍻 Cheers Leafsnation,to the buds! GO LEAFS GO! YESSSSSSSSSSIR 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛 #LeafsForever #Leafs @BodogCA

Twitter trends in Canada today - Go Leafs Go by 🍻Kurtis From Alberta🇨🇦

Simon Becher is now the fastest player (87 minutes) in MLS history to score his first four goals. 🔥

SHE SAID YES!!!! 💍 Congratulations to curling fans Brigitte Laplante and Chris Delage who got engaged at the fifth end break! #WMCC2023

Twitter trends in Canada today - #WMCC2023 by Curling Canada

Horgan is taking a job in the coal industry, and says he is not worried about the criticism the move may draw.


And the winner 🥁 Congratulations to West Lorne, Ontario, the champions of #KraftHockeyville 2023! 🎉 @hockeyville

Picking up where they left off in the first-half. #VWFC Ali Ahmed makes it 4-0.

3!!!! A big draw to the 4ft for Canada gives @TeamGushue an 8-4 lead over Italy after 7 ends. GO CANADA GO!! #WMCC2023