John Legend Says His Secret to Good Skin Is Showering with Chrissy Teigen: Not to Get Too Graphic

John Legend Says His Secret to Good Skin Is Showering with Chrissy Teigen: Not to Get Too Graphic; via @people.

John Legend, His Secret, Good Skin, Chrissy Teigen

The "All of Me" singer opened up to The Cut about his new personal care brand Loved01, telling the outlet that his skincare routine hinges on sharing showers with his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

Legend, 44, shared that using skincare and shower time to bond with your loved ones — like his brands name implies — will help you stick to a routine and have more fun doing it. "We shower a lot together, not to get too graphic," he said.

He added that he and Teigen, who just welcomed their third child this month, will share products they like with each other and care for each other during their nighttime routines. Hes even picked up a few of her favorite products to add to his own regimen.

Legends new collection, which includes six dermatologist-approved products created to treat the needs of melanin-rich skin that everyone can benefit from, is centered on reaching those underserved in the beauty space.

"Not a lot of products [are created] with melanin-rich skin in mind. We feel that caring enough to center our research and our product development on melanin-rich skin is an expression of love, too," he told PEOPLE earlier this month of his collection.

Making his brand stand out, Legend chose to have his be accessible. His skincare brand will be sold at CVS and Walmart, differing from more expensive brands you can only buy at higher-end shops.

The brand founder says that at the start of the process, he learned that Black and Brown skin loses moisture faster than other skin tones, so he decided, "Why not formulate products that are meant to hydrate and moisturize?"

So every formula got a blend of sea buckthorn and rosehip oil. "Hero ingredients we call them," Legend told PEOPLE. "These oils really help hydrate, moisturize and protect the skin."

But beyond the skin-loving ingredients and shower time with his wife, Legend told The Cut that there are two other secrets to good skin: water and sleep.

Legend claimed that even on tour, he will make sure he is getting his full eight hours of sleep and his eight glasses or more of water. However, with a new baby in the house, the sleep part can get difficult.

"When you have kids who are that age, they will come into your room in the morning and wake you up; they do not care if you want to sleep a little bit more," he told The Cut.

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