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The eventual ‘Trivia Pursuit’ clue card for Trump. Spot on.

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The Real CarlP
The Real CarlP ()

@StephenWaitWhat As I watched this, I felt like I was watching a hostage video. Like I was supposed to be watching his eyes or hands for secret gestures giving us a clue to his real intentions.

Drew ()

@JamesTophamWord But it will be alright in terms of a crosswalk or fire hydrant because us Brits don’t have a fucking clue what they are

TXPHred ()

@KatiePhang He has not clue what he has done & his young mind is being formed by all the praise & honor being given to him; sad

Jean Brown
Jean Brown ()

@newberg_sean Yes, many times! Fun one: I guessed my husband’s middle name on the night we met. He gave me one small clue. It’s a very unusual name. Many others involving my sister who died 11 years ago.

Sam ()

@CincyWatchdog Isn’t it great? I ignore the jackass and have no clue what new rule I may or may not be breaking.

Jan Venegoor of Citylink
Jan Venegoor of Citylink ()

@ChrisMusson See if you were a fair journalist your point would hold extra credibility. But you get a privileged position of asking questions at daily briefing and most of them seemed to be the questions of a child who doesnt have a clue or is quite naive.

ً ()

writing a literature review when you have no clue what you’re doing is the most painful thing to exist

Neve ()



GUESS WHO? 🕵 Clue: @BisontesFS #LNFS #LigaFutsalProfesional

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Ryan ()

@_Azvree Oh hahahhaa I knew it was E7CE but I didn’t know rhat was Hzstory. I had no clue who Hzstory was tbh

Phillip Hodson
Phillip Hodson ()

@zarahsultana You may not realise that it is High Summer in these Southern countries with today’s temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius - not wet & hovering on 2 degrees here in the UK. Clue - viruses, like killer whales, love it wet & cold.

Eddie🇵🇹 ()

@danwallisx is correct with James Ward Prowse @icecoldjayrod1 is the clue maker here follow him he got bagged on his old account

ً ()

gojo satoru. the phantom. the best hitman of the century, as they would say. finishes the job in one clean swoop. literally. never leaves a single clue behind. their real identity? their face? nobody knows. only thing you should know is you wouldn’t want to be on their hit list.

Mrs GrumpyDuck
Mrs GrumpyDuck ()

@GrumpyDuckVR Thank you for all your help too! I would of had a clue where to start😊💖💖

ducky, elincia for cyl5!
Ducky, elincia for cyl5! ()

@azelofvelthomer @kjzorp3827 it does i have no clue wtf you two are talking abt and im concerned

Mad&annoyed ()

@ReichelErnst You do know that the boarders have been already determined by Lausanne Treaty and the treaty of Paris! Or you have no clue about it?

Mads* ()

no clue why they’re drinking that but they look good doing it

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Spyex_x Official
Spyex_x Official ()

@BanditesYT @JohnRob41404129 I think it’s a clue. It’s at agency by the outside stairs outside.

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髙橋 𝐊𝐞𝐢
髙橋 𝐊𝐞𝐢 ()

@STROBERll @andtherecord Turns around, —Mhm, yes? Gege—ah, your brother! Big bro! Feeling a little bit clumsy since he had no clue why Hana suddenly got to introduce her brother to him. Who this? Smiles.

ᴴSan²⁸ is a sky addict
ᴴSan²⁸ is a sky addict ()

@zestylarrie I thought they broke ip for two years but had no clue when because yeah and I thought f is his but they made it like with a sperm donor haha and i didn’t believe in hendall but believed in the virginity story and i loved el

Queen Babs ♿️💟🧶
Queen Babs ♿️💟🧶 ()

@DrJessTaylor The medical profession will not admit that it does not have a clue much of the time and prefers blaming you. I saw 7 male gynaecologists over years who blamed pain on my being overweight before finding a life threatening problem requiring surgery.

PauleFoster💙🇪🇺🐟#FBPE #WeToldYou 3.5%
PauleFoster💙🇪🇺🐟#FBPE #WeToldYou 3.5% ()

@catrollo @BestForBritain Lord Frost hasn’t a clue about anything from what I’ve heard except boot licking Tory bosses.

네이버◎ 정식업체 24시 【☎O1O-8498-5129】 올티켓 카톡 ALL542
네이버◎ 정식업체 24시 【☎O1O-8498-5129】 올티켓 카톡 ALL542 ()

▶카톡 ALL542◀ enclose 정책미납 bloom 휴대폰소액결제 clue 모바일소액결제 direct 핸드폰소액결제 recruit 현금화 shore 정책미납 99%가능

Katie ()

@ireneheals Photo of me trying to find any clue of a cb each time the girls post something

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PlsSendSpoons ()

@ScottDinflorida @RepLoisFrankel You really don’t have any clue about what has been done in just the past 4 years do you?

Minhee ()

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA tabang naunsa man ka mingi 😭 ang clue taas ug ilong nga animal nganong giraffe imong tubag HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA😭😭

UnApologetic ࿗ 🚩ವೆಂಕಿ
UnApologetic ࿗ 🚩ವೆಂಕಿ ()

He opposed jallikattu and now going to promote jallikattu. He is neither rice bag or K2we. Who is he ? Clue : mixed breed. #Jallikattu #tamilswithfarmers

lexie • watching the oc s3
Lexie • watching the oc s3 ()

@sunrise_dylan sure! (if it’s asking for editing skills help then I’ve no clue haha)

Murder, Jo Wrote 📇📚✏️
Murder, Jo Wrote 📇📚✏️ ()

@DMan1504 Homeschooling is going! That’s all I’ll say! I have just finished the fabulous Shiver and for the first time in a long time have no clue what to read next! Perhaps Circus of Wonders? Hope you’re ok! 🤩

Eric Feigl-Ding
Eric Feigl-Ding ()

The eventual ‘Trivia Pursuit’ clue card for Trump. Spot on.

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