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McLaren now has a better F1 race team than Ferrari. That would have been a laughable statement not long ago - massive respect for what they’ve achieved.

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Free Ferret Army 🐳
Free Ferret Army 🐳 ()

Nick Ferrari’s description of Dawn Butler is ‘the angry Labour MP’. I’ve seen the video, she’s, calm, articulate and rational. People already know this is about a black woman, so no need for him to use those words, the unnecessary addition of ‘angry’ completes the stereotype.

Patrick House MD
Patrick House MD ()

Lambo, BMW, Porsche, psychoprawaczkom zostało już chyba tylko Ferrari i Maserati

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Rie ()

So I am currently working on the Ferrari headers and if anyone has some good (high quality) picture of Seb winning they would love me to use then don’t hesitate to send them! Will choose one and go with that 🥰

Erdmute Wendlinger D
Erdmute Wendlinger D ()

Nick Ferrari going on and on about teachers not going back to keeps being told the situation,but chooses to smear teachers despite callers not supporting his

Mercedes-AMG F1🇦🇷
Mercedes-AMG F1🇦🇷 ()

@P_Sa05 Ferrari esta con una mano adelan y otra atrás, ya quieren que termine el 2021

Belles Italiennes
Belles Italiennes ()

Good Morning ☀️ 1967 Ferrari 350😍.. Can-Am 💕 #MorningMonday #Ferrari

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Kamila Queiroz
Kamila Queiroz ()

Gente tá todo mundo falando que o Charles está carregando a Ferrari nas costas ... Ceis sabem que ele reclamou de dores nos ombros no Gp da Hungria né ?e reclamou hj dnv

Jose Macias
Jose Macias ()

@lois_ferrari @iamcardib The one giving Kylie press is all of you talking about her instead of normani

David Crowe
David Crowe ()

Greens call for $3 billion aged care funding boost. After stories about Ferrari-driving aged care millionaires, they name privatisation as the problem.

Blonded🎙🌊 ()

Goblin by Tyler opened my eyes to how diverse hip-hop can actually be This account definitely would not exist without it ()

#F170🇬🇧 | Vettel explota contra Ferrari: Seguiré aguantando pero sepan que ustedes se equivocaron - #F1

Clo ()

big yes and especially the trio maurizio, seb, kimi. not gonna say ferrari were particularly better then than they are now but at least they were happier times.

Enya ()

Ferrari really did compromise Seb’s already compromised race just to help Charles. Gosh, Ferrari is so broken. They need to drop Binotto. He’s an embarrassment to the Ferrari brand and team.

Sean Fennessey
Sean Fennessey ()

PARASITE = Damian Lillard 1917 = Giannis Antetokounmpo ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD = James Harden JOKER = Joel Embiid THE IRISHMAN = LeBron James LITTLE WOMEN = Devin Booker FORD V. FERRARI = Kawhi Leonard MARRIAGE STORY = Chris Paul JOJO RABBIT = Nikola Jokic

17🥛 ()

@MandyReverse Eu sou evangélico e to cagando e andando pra zoera em cima dos charlatães que entram de ferrari na igreja

Samarth ()

Saw a Ferrari F40 and F50 in London today but realised that some disgusting youtuber probably owns them

SToNeR® ()

En la F1 a Montoya le faltó equipo, talento y condiciones tenía de sobra. Estando en una escudería inferior le plantó cara a Michael Schumacher y a la poderosa escudería Ferrari.

Scuderia SouthAfrica
Scuderia SouthAfrica ()

Terra Bruciata, also known as ‘scorched earth’ featured as the leather option in one of our Ferrari Approved, Portofino’s - visit our site for more information! 🇮🇹

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GilDeBrant ()

@josettehersent Lisez J. Echenoz, Rufin, Maylis de Kérangal, Marie Darrieussecq, Philippe Djian, Olivier Adam, Jérôme Ferrari, Mathias É et ceux que j’oublie. Notre époque est riche en stylistes de premier ordre - et qui ont le talent d’éviter d’imiter les maîtres du passé.

Autosport ()

Charles Leclerc says his eighth place in qualifying for the 70th Anniversary GP is a more realistic indication of how fast Ferrari is right now #F170:

Bandeira Amarela
Bandeira Amarela ()

Pierre Gasly qualifica à frente dos dois Ferrari Wow! #podcastBA

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Sergio Barbosa
Sergio Barbosa ()

Hoy aparco el Ferrari radiofónico de @carlosherreracr y creo que no le dejo muchos arañ Han sido 3 semanas de reto estimulante y un placer volver a hacer radio en @HerreraenCOPE. Ninguna querella, ningún animal Me encanta que los planes salgan bien.

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Azruf ()

@kuhiOW @arabefairy Yo kuhi, thank you for buying me a yacht that one night and let me sleep in ur 7-garage mansion. Btw, thanks for the whip i left the green Lamborghini next to the Ferrari much love man.

Joseph ()

Prefiero morir de coronavirus en mi Ferrari que pobre esperando el subsidio de Álvaro Uribe.

Débor🅰️ Cott🅰️ 👻
Débor🅰️ Cott🅰️ 👻 ()

dou papá na boca e de falta de tapa na bunda,juro, tu nunca vai sofrer. bebel, deixa eu ser seu agostinho carrara,não dirijo tx, tô de ferrari. há um tempo atrás, sabe, eu tava ferrado,era o ferro na cinta e nada no bolso

Justin, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Justin, MSN, RN, NEA-BC ()

@dReamzNambitons @maureen_ferrari Thank you! I found it on Etsy.

Poh-poh ()

trumpun elini öpmeden paris hiltonla küvetde poz vermeden jenifer lopezle kalca tokalastırmadan tommy hilfigerla ferrari sürmeden gitmiycem

chris harris
Chris harris ()

McLaren now has a better F1 race team than Ferrari. That would have been a laughable statement not long ago - massive respect for what they’ve achieved.

Karun Chandhok
Karun Chandhok ()

Compared to Quali 2019 the Merc was faster, Ferrari slower, RBR almost the same. Gain for Mercedes seems logical for year on year performance improvement - more evidence that they’re hitting their normal evolution targets & rivals underperforming. Williams 1 sec faster 👏🏽

Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

Can Ferrari get back on the pace on Saturday after a frustrating Friday in Silverstone? #BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

☚ Indihome #dolarla ☛
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