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MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS! LATE, LATE DRAMA! What a move that was by the championship leader on the penultimate lap to regain P1 from Lewis Hamilton! #FrenchGP 🇫🇷 #F1

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Lethality Jane
Lethality Jane ()

I know everyone says Hamilton but I guarantee you, the Glee kids singing This is Me or You Will Be Found would have been cloying to the point of actual vomiting.

Courtney Enlow
Courtney Enlow ()

Some people think Eliza’s inhale at the end of Hamilton is her final breath, some thing it’s this gasp of joy as she sees Alexander again, but canonically she’s inhaling to say “they made a musical about you but I’m the hero of it, that’s what you get you cheating bitch.”

Kelechi ()

Especially when they ask Verstappen to comment on Hamilton being the GOAT and he gives very wayward responses. I don’t like that.

Formula 1
Formula 1 ()

MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS! LATE, LATE DRAMA! What a move that was by the championship leader on the penultimate lap to regain P1 from Lewis Hamilton! #FrenchGP 🇫🇷 #F1

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Alanis King
Alanis King ()

Basic respect and love for trans folks should be common! But look at the loads of anti-trans legislation in America, for example, via @VCanelaLopez: We need huge figures like Lewis Hamilton speaking about this stuff, and not enough do.

Natalie Johnson
Natalie Johnson ()

BREAKING: Ontario expands eligibility for accelerated 2nd doses: You can book starting Wed June 23 if you got mRNA on/before May 30 *and* you live in Halton, Peel, Porcupine, Toronto, Waterloo, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, York, or new hotspots of Hamilton, Simcoe-Musoka, Durham

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NWS Mount Holly
NWS Mount Holly ()

Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Trenton NJ, Hamilton Square NJ, Princeton NJ until 9:00 PM EDT

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NWS Fort Worth
NWS Fort Worth ()

Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Hamilton TX, Pottsville TX, Jonesboro TX until 6:00 PM CDT

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Jason Gregor
Jason Gregor ()

Pro scout meetings this week. Finalize free agents targets and get a read on pending UFAs. Also Dougie Hamilton would make a lot of sense for Edmonton.

rach 🌸
Rach 🌸 ()

we’ve got some really cool museums in Sydney but idk if Dougie Hamilton would want to play for the AIHL, our team plays in a shopping centre

𝔟𝔩𝔲𝔢𝔭𝔰𝔶𝔠𝔥𝔬 ()

It’s not that she doesn’t know the song, you know it’s an old song at the end of the day But HAMILTON starting to be the face of it… get me out of here😭

dan pilled connor brown appreciator
Dan pilled connor brown appreciator ()

Sign me up on team Hamilton. The odds that we can bid for him knowing our internal budget is low but why not - guy is a solid shot generator at the least. You telling him we shouldn’t take a chance while Zaitsev continues to exist on this roster?

Tijuana Taxi🔊
Tijuana Taxi🔊 ()

Theatre kids will literally tell you Hamilton is good and then expect you to take their political opinions seriously

Mark Miller
Mark Miller ()

Incoming recruiting class at UW-La Crosse includes: Torin Hannah, Mount Horeb Mac Siebert, Fond du Lac Tanner Resch, Sussex Hamilton Sam Kick, Onalaska Josh Crubel, NB Eisenhower AJ Hintz, Pewaukee

Manny Benevides
Manny Benevides ()

If the Flyers can acquire Hamilton or Jones, Fletcher should follow the example of Vegas. Get the player first and then deal with the cap fallout afterwards. Both players are worth wait for the expansion draft. Get on this ASAP.

Rick Dhaliwal
Rick Dhaliwal ()

@FriedgeHNIC on Dougie Hamilton : you will see teams pursue it, some phone calls taking place today. Philadelphia, Seattle and lots more teams. Donnie and Dhali


I love than television. But I had to retire after Hamilton cause I truly felt defeated and I hope one day I can go back to New York and fulfill my dreams without the white gaze putting me in a choke-hold.

The Hockey News
The Hockey News ()

.@THNMattLarkin’s Tiered List of Dougie Hamilton Sign-and-Trade Suitors The #Canes have given their star defenseman permission to speak with other teams leading up to free agency. Who will join the feeding frenzy and make a play for Hamilton?

Adam ()

Double Hamilton isn’t happening, but he would solve so many fucking problems at once, it makes my head spin. Imagine: Morrissey-Hamilton Heinola-DeMelo Samberg-Pionk - probably fixes Morrissey - gives you three strong pairings - gives you your best #1 guy probably ever - wins.

Knox ()

idk y everyone’s telling dougie hamilton what museums r in their team’s respective cities n I’ve never been to a museum bc it’s jsut not my scene but there’s some good karaoke bars I’m not saying this bc I want him on my team he just seems like a good hang

Oilers John 🇨🇦 ✈️
Oilers John 🇨🇦 ✈️ ()

Oilers fans arguing over Dougie Hamilton like there is even a chance of him signing here….. #LetsGoOilers

Eylül ()

yeni grill the grid’de kimse Turkiye demezken Turkiye diyen Hamilton yoklamasi alabilir miyiz cok seri @yoklamasiF1


İlk egzotik hayvanımı sahiplendim. Çoğu kişinin nefret ettiği çiyan. Adını da Hamilton koydum ahshxx. Foto salmıycam sevmeyenler var.

Nora Loreto
Nora Loreto ()

Great news everyone! My first in-person event for my book Take Back the Fight is being planned for August in Hamilton. Details to

Shelby (bandwagon Canadiens fan) 🙃
Shelby (bandwagon Canadiens fan) 🙃 ()

My theory is that somebody will sign Dougie Hamilton and it may or may not work out for said team, and you can quote me on that.

Patrick Bacon
Patrick Bacon ()

Carolina traded a 1st round pick for Brady Skjei at the 2020 trade deadline; now Hamilton’s likely leaving. This reminds me of St. Louis with Faulk/Pietrangelo: Maybe in isolation it’s the right choice to move on, but not if you’ll just allocate the resources to a weaker player.

Elliotte Friedman
Elliotte Friedman ()

A sign the off-season is really revving up as the final four chase the Stanley Cup: Carolina has given Dougie Hamilton permission to talk to other NHL teams. Opens potential for a sign-and-trade.

Alejandro de la Rosa
Alejandro de la Rosa ()

Se han dado cuenta que de aquí a 5 años nos quedaremos sin Cristiano, Federer, Messi, Nadal, Brady, Djokovic, Lebron y #DomingoDeBajón 😔

Nathalia De Vivo
Nathalia De Vivo ()

Cristina Gutiérrez, a pilota da equipe de Lewis Hamilton na Extreme E, disputou o Rali do Cazaquistão no fim de semana. E venceu. Isso já seria notável, mas tem MUITO mais: caiu em um buraco não mapeado ainda no km 30 e rodou outros 230 KMS com duas vértebras fraturadas!

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McLaren ()

Celebrating a 1-2 finish in Canada #OnThisDay in 2010, with Hamilton finishing in P1 and Button finishing in P2. Fond memories! 🏆

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☚ #öğretmenmaaşıyetmiyor ストロベリームーン ☛
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